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  • Blog Post: Technet Singapore Security Briefing - Friday 28th of September

    Last Friday I had the pleasure of opening the Security Briefings my esteemed colleague Yasmeen Hameed-Chan organized. It was a half day session targeted at IT Pros who want to learn more about security in the IT enterprise, and how they can apply it for more
  • Blog Post: Security event Thursday September 13th

    On September 13 th the Security and Information InteGrity community will have an event in Singapore. The title for the event is Landscape and Trends of BCP/DR & Thumbnail Analysis and the topic will include how to work with Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery and what is happening...
  • Blog Post: Server Core "Theoretically" reduces the number of Security Bulletins

    Just after publishing our video on Server Core, I visited Jeff Jones Security Blog , and found this post on how having a server OS being installed more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft to offer free consumer security suite | Security - CNET News

    I'm really excited about this announcement. This is a great step forward in making protection of your PC available for all. In the second half of 2009 we will be releasing code-name Morro that will protect customers from trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits more
  • Blog Post: Register for the Microsoft TechNet Security Seminar now!

    If IT security is a top priority for you, then this seminar would be of interest to you. Come listen to Microsoft internal and external experts share best practices in IT Security at this half-day event which is on Sept 28 at Microsoft Auditorium. This 1st session focuses on Active Directory, SQL Server...
  • Blog Post: Learning to Love UAC...

    I know a lot of people get annoyed by the UAC feature in Windows Vista, but here is a reason to inspire new love for this protective prompt. " Love or hate its nagging prompts, Vista 's Account Control feature (UAC) has a security feature that marks more
  • Blog Post: Top 5 security-menace predictions for 2008 - Network World

    Interesting article from Network World on the Top 5 security menace predictions of for 2008. In order Bot Evolution Web Threats (Aimed not only at unsuspecting visitors to social networking sites, such as MySpace, but any type of site or corporate web more
  • Blog Post: Report: Microsoft fastest to issue OS patches, Sun slowest

    Symantec have just released their malware report on security threats in the industry and it is great to see that results are in showing that Microsoft is the fastest in the industry to issue operating system patches to help protect customers from vulnerabilities more
  • Blog Post: You received and Ecard!!!

    I am hoping most people have not been affected by these email spreading around. There is a proliferation of SPAM emails going around suggesting that you have received an Ecard from someone… DONT CLICK ON THE LINK . The downside of a connected social experience more
  • Blog Post: Even {heroes} need guidance sometimes...

    Well I guess if you have not heard Microsoft is launching Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 in a location near you. For me, being in Singapore, the launch is at Suntec City Convention Center on the 26th of March 2008. If you more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Malware Protection Center - Security Intelligence Report

    Microsoft recently released its Security Intelligence Report Version 4 on April 22 at the Infosecurity Europe event in London. This is no light reading folks, its a big report about 104 pages long, but there are some really interesting facts inside.. more
  • Blog Post: Jeff Jones Security Blog : Download: H1 2008 Desktop OS Vendor Report - Vulnerabilities and Days-of-Risk

    Jeff Jones has released his six monthly report on desktop OS security vulnerabilities and Days-Of-Risk. One highlight was the pie chart on security vulnerabilities in the different OSes.   This certainly is in contrast to what a lot people are saying more
  • Blog Post: Making Security Better for the IT Pro

    I literally just stepped out of keynoting the latest Technet Security Event for Microsoft Singapore. The question I posed to the attendees at the event, "What things can Microsoft be doing better for IT Professionals in Singapore with regards to more
  • Blog Post: Presenting the security of Windows Server 2008

    On Thursday night I had the privilege of presenting to the user group. Those who are unaware of this group, they are a passionate group of security experts in Singapore.   We had a 30-strong attendance from the group packed in to our Microsoft more
  • Blog Post: Sneak Peak - How to use Windows Server 2008 Core for PHP, MySQL

    I challenged Dennis Chung (my counterpart in the security bytes video, and one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to IT) recently to see what kind of usage scenarios we could use Windows Server 2008 Core . For those of you who are unaware of what more
  • Blog Post: Jeff Jones Security Blog : Download: Windows Vista One Year Vulnerability Report

    Hey everyone, Wanted to point you to a report produced by a colleague of mine about Vista vulnerabilities one year after release. It is an in-depth report that compares Windows Vista against Windows XP, Linux and other OS'es. Good news is that our investments more