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  • Blog Post: PHP runs up to 130% faster on Windows Server 2008

    Some might say this is a pretty outlandish statement to make, but we recently did some work with a local customer by the name of Virtual Maps that developed and maintains local Singaporean travel portal , to test their popular web more
  • Blog Post: Singapore Community Launch 2008

      Home - Community Launch 2008   On the 17th of May, the Singapore Professional's .NET user group, the Singapore Windows User Group and Singapore SQL Server user group are coming together to have their own community launch of Windows Server more
  • Blog Post: Expanded Format Support in Office 2007

    There is some great news coming out of Redmond today around some of the feature improvements being delivered via Office 2007 Service Pack 2, scheduled for the first half of 2009. Service Pack 2 will incorporate document support for XML Paper Specification more
  • Blog Post: Ruby on Rails, Silverlight and IronRuby

    Was just chatting to my colleague John Lam, the drive for IronRuby in Microsoft about his recent participation in RailsConf 2008 . At the event there were two cool things that they showed. 1. Silverlight plugin for Ruby on Rails, bringing the richness more
  • Blog Post: Nexus SC: The System Center Team Blog : Operations Manager 2007 goes CROSS Platform!

    There is sometimes so much information to digest that you miss these announcements, so I am a bit late to the party, but this is awesome none the less. Announced at the Microsoft Management Summit 2008 in Las Vegas was the new functionality for System more
  • Blog Post: Windows Server Hyper-V RC1

    Got to say I am very excited about the eminent release of Hyper-V to Windows Server 2008. I have been running Windows Server 2008 on the machine for a while and it continues to impress. Hyper-V is one of those technologies is really going to help customers more
  • Blog Post: ANWYCDFYSBWYSCDFY - Episode 1

    Welcome to the first edition of ANWYCDFYSBWYSCDFY (Ask not what you can do for your server but what your server can do for you). Yes Ill admit its a terrible title, but the intent behind these videos is to quickly show you what can be achieved with Windows more
  • Blog Post: Why Virtualize?

    Episode 2 of our ANWYCDFYSBWYSCDFY, on Hyper-V. This video is more of a discussion about what Dennis is doing in the Microsoft Singapore Innovation Center to take advantage of Hyper-V being released as a part of Windows Server 2008. No demo content here more
  • Blog Post: Live Mesh Advertising Campaign

    Video: Live Mesh Promo Clip Just came across this cool promo clip for Live Mesh, which really hits an emotional edge, sharing memories anywhere and on anything. Some of the things I thought were cool: * Photos being synchronized with the digital photo more
  • Blog Post: Server Core "Theoretically" reduces the number of Security Bulletins

    Just after publishing our video on Server Core, I visited Jeff Jones Security Blog , and found this post on how having a server OS being installed more
  • Blog Post: Couple of big announcements

    These last two weeks have been busy with announcements, and I have not had a chance to talk about any of them. So Ill be brief... For Enterprise Search we just announced two new products, Search Server 2008 and Server Server 2008 Express . Search Server more
  • Blog Post: Want to go to Macau on Microsoft's expense?

    A colleague made me aware of this competition that they have launched around "Software + Services". All you need to do is to record yourself and friends delivering the "Software + Services" story based on the article located here as more
  • Blog Post: Expression Studio 2 is out... now with PHP support!!!

    Lots of things happening today... Got to admit, the branding of the Expression tools is really funky, however the tools themselves are equally awesome. Expression Studio brings together the various Expression products together such as; Expression Web more
  • Blog Post: Up and running on Windows Server 2008

    Well I just recently rebuilt my Power Laptop (Dell XPS 1710) on to Windows Server 2008. Why, you may ask? BECAUSE I CAN!!! Not really, I wanted to try and give the Hyper-V components a whirl and try out some of those features. However one problem I did more
  • Blog Post: Learning to Love UAC...

    I know a lot of people get annoyed by the UAC feature in Windows Vista, but here is a reason to inspire new love for this protective prompt. " Love or hate its nagging prompts, Vista 's Account Control feature (UAC) has a security feature that marks more
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Center Sandbox - Screencast: Creating A Simple Media Center Application

    Just wanted to point you all to two great screencasts on how you can develop applications on Windows Media Center. Personally I love Windows Media Center, it is the center of my entire home entertainment experience, it is networked and streamed all around more
  • Blog Post: Moonlight (Silverlight on Linux) – Interview with Miguel de Icaza

    Code to Live: Dancing in the Moonlight with Miguel de Icaza The interview is a bit old, but has just been published. Miguel de Icaza talks about Moonlight and how it came about. Thanks to Josh Holmes for posting it. more
  • Blog Post: Community Clips

    Now I know this is directly following on from the previous blog, but this site is also cool. Spawned off from the Office Labs site, Community Clips is an area that enables users to create and share clips on how they use Office and what tips they can share more
  • Blog Post: Report: Microsoft fastest to issue OS patches, Sun slowest

    Symantec have just released their malware report on security threats in the industry and it is great to see that results are in showing that Microsoft is the fastest in the industry to issue operating system patches to help protect customers from vulnerabilities more
  • Blog Post: Interoperability Principles

    Back in February you would have heard the interoperability principles that Microsoft announced to enable non-Microsoft products and Microsoft products better interoperability to share data and capabilities. If you missed out on that announcement, more
  • Blog Post: Virtual Maps Case Study now in Flash format

    Ok, so from one of my previous blog posts a Linux user was having difficulties with regards to the complexities of setting Moonlight up on Linux to run Silverlight. So on his/her advice I have uploaded the video to soapbox so those who are using Flash more
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V now available for download!!

    Hi All,   Exciting stuff on the wires, the update to Windows Server 2008 with the RTM code for Hyper-V is now available. This is what Dennis and I were talking about in our last video . I hope to find some time to do another video showing how to more
  • Blog Post: Even {heroes} need guidance sometimes...

    Well I guess if you have not heard Microsoft is launching Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 in a location near you. For me, being in Singapore, the launch is at Suntec City Convention Center on the 26th of March 2008. If you more
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 – Acer Aspire 9500 Wireless Drivers

    So it would be silly to blog about the fact that Windows 7 is out there in beta now, and from everyone’s opinion its a solid build… very very solid build. I am running this on my production machine at work on a Lenovo T61p and on my Acer Aspire 9500. more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Office Labs

    Microsoft Office Labs This is cool, if you get a chance check it out... From the site: Welcome to Microsoft Office Labs! This site is a proving ground for ideas that come from regular employees and interns who work anywhere in Microsoft.  Most of more