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  • Blog Post: PHP runs up to 130% faster on Windows Server 2008

    Some might say this is a pretty outlandish statement to make, but we recently did some work with a local customer by the name of Virtual Maps that developed and maintains local Singaporean travel portal , to test their popular web more
  • Blog Post: Expression Studio 2 is out... now with PHP support!!!

    Lots of things happening today... Got to admit, the branding of the Expression tools is really funky, however the tools themselves are equally awesome. Expression Studio brings together the various Expression products together such as; Expression Web more
  • Blog Post: Virtual Maps Case Study now in Flash format

    Ok, so from one of my previous blog posts a Linux user was having difficulties with regards to the complexities of setting Moonlight up on Linux to run Silverlight. So on his/her advice I have uploaded the video to soapbox so those who are using Flash more
  • Blog Post: history.forward() - Port 25: The Open Source Community at Microsoft

    I am excited about the work we are doing in contributing back to the Open Source community here at Microsoft. Our work on getting PHP to not only run, but run exceptionally well on Windows Server 2008 with FastCGI is a great step ahead to support web more
  • Blog Post: Sneak Peak - How to use Windows Server 2008 Core for PHP, MySQL

    I challenged Dennis Chung (my counterpart in the security bytes video, and one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to IT) recently to see what kind of usage scenarios we could use Windows Server 2008 Core . For those of you who are unaware of what more