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  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 – Calling all Phone Developers

    Pretty excited to see Windows Phone 7 coming to market. It looks great, and even better the support for developers coming fast. In addition to the tools recently releases at MIX2010, the team have just released the icons for people to develop their applications more
  • Blog Post: Introduction to XNA on Windows Phone 7

    One of the priorities I have for FY11, is to launch Windows Phone 7 in to the market in Singapore. I can tell you I am really excited about this release of our phone software and the work that is going on with the partners and ecosystem to make it a success more
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Application Design Excitement

    Ever since the launch of the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP, there has started to be a real flurry of excitement in developer space on the applications that can be created. I came across this blog by a company called Clarity Consulting on design and more