August, 2004

  • The COM vs .NET Top 10 List at TheServerSide.NET

    If you are a developer that has come from the before of .NET to the now, you should get a lot of laughs from this... more
  • Cigarettes, Tech Eds, Donnie Darko and the Novel that has to be written

    So I recently stopped smoking (apparently the term giving up should not be used as it insinuates it is a missing part of your life). Most would think it is a good thing, and I do, however let me just say that the body has a real funny way of thanking...
  • Back On line again... once more... hopefully

    So I have been away for quite some time now, been travelling around Australia and New Zealand with Tech Ed, family events and right now the Australia and New Zealand Partner conference in Coolum Queensland. What can I say about the trip back home but...