Service Manager 2012SP1 UR4: Availability

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Earlier today UR4 for Service Manager 2012SP1 was made available in the download center, and was recently removed. Out team realized today that no Debug Symbols were available for the MSI. Giving us no ability to support any issue that may occur.

We are asking everyone that has downloaded it as of now to please “NOT” install UR4 into your Service Manager 2012SP1 environments. If you have already installed the update, we ask you to please bear with us while we sort out the issue.

Speaking with the product team just moments ago, we are confident that we will have this fixed up and available soon.

We apologize for the delay of UR4, but will keep you all updated so please check back!


Christian Booth (ChBooth) | Sr. Program Manager | System Center

Service Manager 2012SP1 UR4: Availability

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  • Why is Service Manager repeatedly hit with bugs and setbacks. It draws down the standard of the System Center suite as a whole.

    Seriously - no improvements in R2, inability to handle concurrency and record locking correctly, a terrible and poor performing UI, no web gui, inconsistency across work items (time tracking against incidents, but not SR and CR's), inability to upgrade from eval with a simple license key..  The list goes on.

  • What if customers have already installed the update before it was pulled? Do they simply install the updated one when available? Do they uninstall? Is there anything that will be broken by installing the initial release?

  • Rod,

    It is unlikely that installing the update will break anything – the issue here is that we don’t have the debug symbols which impedes our capability to support UR4 related issues. For customers who have already installed the update, the ask is to stay in that state and upgrade to UR “4.1” which should be out soon. No need to uninstall UR4 if it has already been installed.

  • Has UR 4.1 been released yet? If not, when will it?

  • 1. What is the difference between R2 and UR4? And why there are both out?

    2. And will the R2 install if UR4 is installed? As R2 requires UR2.

  • In the "Upgrade Sequencing" recommendation on Technet, MS recommends that UR4 is Applied before upgrading to R2.... Which is not out yet.

    Same thing for Orchestrator as far as I can tell, the "Upgrade Sequencing" recommendation is that UR3 is applied to Orchestrator first (where is this available?)

    System Center is a fun beast some times :)

  • Hi Christian,

    Any ETA on re-release? Hanging out for the Line Manager Review fix.

  • do we need to put the R2 upgrade on hold since UR4 is not available? if so when will UR4 be available I need to develop our upgrade plan and upgrading Service Manage holds up the upgrade for SCCM and SCOM in or environment.

  • UR 4 bits are available now for download!

  • Is there maybe an article around which explains on what SCSM role server CU4 needs to be installed? Is it just the Management Server, or also the SharePoint and Web Content Server? Do we have to install the update on Client Computers with locally installed SCSM console as well?



  • Completely agree with Alexander. It is really frustrating that the instructions for the UR never tell you which components you need to upgrade. We have a number of distributed environments where the web content and Web Part are installed onto separate servers or existing SharePoint environments. Do they need the UR installing as well?

  • any update on this

    making it rather difficult to upgrade to 2012 R2

  • The upgrade is going to depend on the components you are utilizing and how they are affected by the UR. You are going to want UR 4 on all Management Servers - as many of the updates are in workflows, and core components of Service Requests. Hope that helps provide some clarity, I will work on getting a post up with more formal instructions. ^CB

  • Will this update appear in Windows Update (for WSUS/SCCM) so we can deploy it automatically to all of our users with the consoles installed or what's the plan?

    All of the other System Center products console updates was released this way and since the SCSM console is the most frequently used console of the whole suite I truly hope it will.

    Please reply either way so we know whether to wait or to start packaging..

  • The details state "This update contains a set of bug fixes to the System Center 2012 SP1 Service Manager release. It should be applied to all Service Manager 2012 SP1 server installations." Does this mean that it does not have to get installed on the analysts machines who have the console installed?