Service Manager SP1 UR4 – Fixes

Service Manager SP1 UR4 – Fixes

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We are pleased to provide some insight on the list of the Update Rollup 4 (UR4) content that is going to be available in the next couple of weeks. The UR will consist of 16 fixes listed below (9 are new; 7 from the last UR). No official release date has be set but I can assure you that we will let you know and update this post as soon as it is available. 



SCSM 2012 - If the amount of “Manual Activities” exceeds a unknown limit, the “Manual Activities“ weren’t displayed in the SMPortal

UR 2

SCSM2012 customer get many 33610 events on different rules and subscriptions.

UR 2

Service Request will complete unexpectedly

UR 2

Console Crashes when double-clicking Parent Incident link on an extended Incident class object

UR 2

SCSM - Exchange MP stuck in Pending Association in MPSync Job

UR 2

PowerShell tasks created via the authoring tool don't run

UR 2

Enable Run As Accounts for use with Exchange Connector

UR 2

SCSM 2012:SP1: Regression- Simple lists do not function correctly in SSP after upgrading to SP1

UR 4

Review Activity add reviewer workflow fail to run in SCSM2012 sp1 running in windows Server 2012

UR 4

Subsequent activities start to run even though the current activity has not finished yet.

UR 4

After SP1 upgrade, new "Service Dependents" entries created for "Business Services" cannot be seen in the console anymore

UR 4

RunbookMonitorWorkflow cannot handle failed status of runbook

UR 4

SCSM2012SP1:File attachments are not getting properly saved

UR 4

Service Requests - incorrectly evaluated as completed

UR 4

SCOM2012 the SQL broker conversations can lead to very large OperationsManager DB size and TempDB size

UR 4

The status of SR becomes "completed" though it's canceled manually

UR 4


Christian Booth (ChBooth) | Sr. Program Manager | System Center

Program Lead: System Center: Cloud & Datacenter MVP



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  • Chris,

    Is that means we're not going to see CU3 for SCSM 2012 with SP1, right? Thanks.

  • @Sadda -

    Correct - no UR3, just UR4

  • Thanks for heads-up!

  • Chris -

    Will this update deal with the console memory crashes? Also just wondering if the "My Requests" being blank is fixed at all with this UR4 fix?

    I've been working with Microsoft tech support for at least 2 1/2 months trying to fix this issue.

  • Chris,

    Any update on when this may be available? Also, is there any information about what we can expect for Service Manager in System Center 2012 R2?


  • No mention of fixing the concurrent access issue where we receive the infamous "record has been updated by another user" error?

    (Yes we've all read the KB article - yes we all know of the workarounds)

  • Simple list have bug. Need to press shift and click on mouse to select an item in list, or use cursor keys to select an item in list. This is in service request input type: simple list drop down. 2012 Sp2 UR2 release.

    Is this also to be fixed in UR4 ? if so when can UR4 be expected ?

  • Updates Links to Downloads & More info-

  • Just to be sure: are all these bugfixes also implemented in scsm2012 R2 ?

  • @Morten: Check out this unofficial list:

  • The fix was announced 24 Sept, released and taken back 22. Oct, now its Nov 14 and nothing happened until then.

    It seems all other System Center Products have higher priority than Service Manager. Any release date ahead ?


  • The UR4 should be out this week - we are pushing pretty hard for this to be available in the next couple of days.

  • Hi,

    I am also an <a href="">Engineering Services </a> student, I just want to know that when the next version will launch.