SCSM Update Rollup 3 (UR3) Update Now Available

SCSM Update Rollup 3 (UR3) Update Now Available

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I don't know what else to call this since this has never happened before but the “Update to Update Rollup 3” is now available.  A couple of weeks ago we noticed that there was an incorrect binary version in the Update Rollup 3 package which resulted in some of the bugs that were supposed to be fixed not actually being fixed (more details here).  This new version of Update Rollup 3 that is now available has the correct binaries in it.   You can install this new version on top of 2012, 2012 UR1, UR2, or UR3 (original).  These fixes are also included in the upcoming SP1 release.

Sorry for the confusion and hassle!

Update Dec 6, 2012: Please note that there are more steps involved in applying this update rollup than just running the .exe.  Please see the instructions on the download page (link above) for more details.

Update Dec 7, 2012: If you are installing CU3 on top of 2012 RTM (not CU1, CU2, or the original CU3) then you don't need to import console.mpb  It will be automatically updated to .116 version.  We will be updating the installation instructions to make this more clear.

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  • Does this need to be installed on all the console PCs as well, or just servers?

  • I'd much rather MS spent more time getting SP1 out than releasing more Update Rollups for any of the SC2012 products. Why isn't SP1 the priority?!?

  • Installing it right now... I will give my experience on it. Thanks Travis!!

  • Thanks Travis. Sometimes small mistakes happen. It is good that you've managed to fix the issue so soon taking in consideration that you probably had to test this CU again.

  • Hi,

    can anyone confirm that this CU really does the job? I do not see any success in my environment. As we had an open supportcase we got a private fix. In this fix the file Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Forms.CustomizationLibrary.dll was needed to be copied to the installatin directory of SCSM. The newly .116 release of CU3 will place the file to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\System Center Service Manager 2010\<yourserver> and did not fix the issue. As soon as I copied the Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Forms.CustomizationLibrary.dll from our case into the installation directory (where the file did not exist after applying .116) the memory leak was fixed.

    Please leave your comment if the fix helped to get the issue resolved.


  • @Gary  SP1 is on the way soon!  CUs are really just bundling up specific fixes from SP1 that we want to get out sooner than later.  So, any work that we do on a CU is really just part of the SP development cycle.

  • @CKeander - Yes, the update should be installed on console computers.

  • @Travis

    [quote]Yes, the update should be installed on console computers./[quote]

    Unfortunately, it is not pointed clearly again. I've made comment for the previous update download and KB pages, but, it seems, nobody takes care.

  • There's talk in the install instructions about importing the console.mpb - where is this file?

  • Hi,

    confirmed by another tester in a complete other Environment (Thanks to Peter N.) from the ITForum DL:

    The memory fix is not working. Details can be found in my first comment. The file Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Forms.CustomizationLibrary.dll is not in the installation of SCSM and so the memory leak is still there.

    Looks like we need a v3 of UR3 as this is again not working as expected!

  • @Tom Wheeler: Where do you see the installation instructions? The related KB article 2750615 with installation instructions is from my point of view currently not available.

  • @Peter

    instructions from Travis message, namely

  • @Tom Wheeler

    The instructions say:  Once installation is complete, import Console.mpb from the installation folder on the management server and restart the consoles after import.

    The default installation folder (it can be changed by the user during initial installation) is at C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012\Service Manager.  You'll want to look on a SCSM management server for this folder.

  • Hi,

    the issue gets resolved if you do the following:

    Run RU3 Update on your SCSM Managementserver. Install "console.mpb" from the installation directory of SCSM. This file contains the .116 Version of the MP for Consoles. Import the MP to your Managementserver. Now install RU3 on your client machine and the memory leak is gone.

    Thanks to Peter Nordqvist and Microsoft support for this information - I just did the testing part :-)

  • Here is the bugfix link SCSM - The item has been changed by another user or process by Andrew France