Fixing the Missing Scroll Bar Issue on the SCSM 2012 Portal

Fixing the Missing Scroll Bar Issue on the SCSM 2012 Portal

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There is an issue in the Service Manager 2012 Self-Service portal when a user that is not a SharePoint administrator accesses the portal using a browser in a small window (whether that browser window is small because the user sized it to that size or because it is full screen on a low resolution monitor).

The user will see a screen like this:


Notice that the Create Request button is below the bottom of the window and can’t be seen and there is no vertical scroll bar to get to it.

A SharePoint administrator sees something more like this:


Notice the presence of the scrollbar.

We’ll try to fix this in a future release of Service Manager but for now you can fix this by following the instructions below.


Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > under Galleries, go to Master Pages.

Select the master page called SMPortalPage.master

This can be edited in SharePoint Designer or in notepad, by downloading a copy from this library first, then uploading the edited copy as a new version back to the gallery.

Find the line </head>

And add this just before it:


body.v4master {



                overflow:visible!important; //!important to override the original theme.


body #s4-workspace {

                overflow-y:auto !important;

               overflow-x:auto !important;

                height:auto !important;





Kudos to Ruth Lilly, one of our support engineers. for sharing this fix!

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  • <p>Excellent! I have opened and closed a Microsoft support call about this. The workaround or zooming the page was unacceptable to the client.</p>

  • <p>Hi, Travis,</p> <p>I&#39;ve tried to implement this fix. Unfortunately, I can not say about result, because after manipulations with masterpage admin account has stable error when trying to connect to the portal (The ID &#39;DelegateControl1&#39; is already used by another control.) even after restoration of the original masterpage.</p> <p>Any other user can work with portal with no issues but without scrolling bar.</p> <p>Can you advice how to eliminate this error? </p> <p>BTW, the string overflow:visible!important; should be overflow:visible !important;</p> <p>Thanks in advance,</p> <p>Anatoliy</p>

  • <p>@Anatoliy, I got the same problem when trying to upload the edited version. </p> <p>To fix, open install the Sharepoint Designer and open the web site on it. Then just restore the previous version of the master page and edit again directly in SharePoint Designer.</p>

  • <p>@Diego</p> <p>Thanks. I&#39;m sure I should work, but, unfortunately, I cannot edit masterpage via Designer even in another installation of SP Foundation 2010 still. </p>

  • <p>Thanks for this article. &nbsp;Do you have instructions on how to fix the built in typo&#39;s in the service manager portal? &nbsp;Specifically, required fields report an error that states, &quot;One or more reponses on this form are invalid. &nbsp;Click here for more information!&quot;</p> <p>Also in the Web part description, &quot;Using specific, canned requests are&quot; is awkward and should be reworded.</p> <p>Thanks!</p>

  • <p>@Diego and @Travis</p> <p>Thanks, I&#39;ve applied the proposed fix. SharePoint Designer as a tool and correct account as &quot;Secondary Site Collection Administrator&quot; is required to do it.</p> <p>BR,</p> <p>Anatoliy</p>

  • <p>Hi Travis ;</p> <p>I did what you told above and now it looks like below. But nothing changed. What can be the problem ?</p> <p> &lt;SharePoint:SPPageManager runat=&quot;server&quot;/&gt;</p> <p> &lt;SharePoint:SPHelpPageComponent Visible=&quot;false&quot; runat=&quot;server&quot;/&gt;</p> <p>&lt;/head&gt;</p>

  • <p>Hi,</p> <p>Thanks for the fix, it solve 90% of the issue. The last 10% is because of the scrolling. Is there a way to keep the page opening on top without scrolling down? At least now users can scroll up to see the top of the page.</p>

  • <p>ooohhh Nice fix !!</p> <p>It&#39;s works fine and solve this problem !!</p> <p>thanks </p> <p>ps: I will publish an article on my blog to point to this article, because it&#39;s very usefull </p>

  • <p>Thanks for this, bit odd it wasn&#39;t included in SP1 though.</p>

  • <p>I downloaded a copy of ‘SMPortalpage.master’ to my desktop.</p> <p>Renamed it to ‘newSMPortalpage.master’ and edited it with notepad by ‘copy-pasting’ in the lines mentioned.</p> <p>I then uploaded this ‘newSMPortalpage.master’ document to the master page gallery.</p> <p>Next renamed ‘SMSPortalpage.master’ to ‘ORIGINALSMSPortalpage.master’, renamed ‘newSMSPortalpage.master’ to ‘SMSPortalpage.master’</p> <p>It still seems to see the ORIGINAL as the default.</p> <p>How can I change this to get it to work?</p>

  • <p>Did anyone ever find out how to correct the error message that pops up in the SSP stating &quot;One or more reponses on this form are invalid&quot;?</p>

  • <p>@Daniel Ruiz</p> <p>Yes, solution in short is:</p> <p>[SharePoint Designer as a tool and correct account as &quot;Secondary Site Collection Administrator&quot; is required to do it.]</p> <p>BR,</p> <p>Anatoliy</p>

  • There are two buttons/links on the top right page: Display Category and Mode list.<br/>By default it will go in Display Category mode.<br/>How I can change the landing of ServiceCatalogWebPart to go directly in Mode list<br/>

  • There are two buttons on the top right page: Category view and List View, inside the ServiceCatalogWebPart.<br/>By default it will go lend in Category view.<br/>How I can change the landing of ServiceCatalogWebPart to go directly in List View?<br/>