Fixing the Missing Scroll Bar Issue on the SCSM 2012 Portal

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There is an issue in the Service Manager 2012 Self-Service portal when a user that is not a SharePoint administrator accesses the portal using a browser in a small window (whether that browser window is small because the user sized it to that size or because it is full screen on a low resolution monitor).

The user will see a screen like this:


Notice that the Create Request button is below the bottom of the window and can’t be seen and there is no vertical scroll bar to get to it.

A SharePoint administrator sees something more like this:


Notice the presence of the scrollbar.

We’ll try to fix this in a future release of Service Manager but for now you can fix this by following the instructions below.


Go to Site Actions > Site Settings > under Galleries, go to Master Pages.

Select the master page called SMPortalPage.master

This can be edited in SharePoint Designer or in notepad, by downloading a copy from this library first, then uploading the edited copy as a new version back to the gallery.

Find the line </head>

And add this just before it:


body.v4master {



                overflow:visible!important; //!important to override the original theme.


body #s4-workspace {

                overflow-y:auto !important;

               overflow-x:auto !important;

                height:auto !important;





Kudos to Ruth Lilly, one of our support engineers. for sharing this fix!

Fixing the Missing Scroll Bar Issue on the SCSM 2012 Portal

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  • Excellent! I have opened and closed a Microsoft support call about this. The workaround or zooming the page was unacceptable to the client.

  • Hi, Travis,

    I've tried to implement this fix. Unfortunately, I can not say about result, because after manipulations with masterpage admin account has stable error when trying to connect to the portal (The ID 'DelegateControl1' is already used by another control.) even after restoration of the original masterpage.

    Any other user can work with portal with no issues but without scrolling bar.

    Can you advice how to eliminate this error?

    BTW, the string overflow:visible!important; should be overflow:visible !important;

    Thanks in advance,


  • @Anatoliy, I got the same problem when trying to upload the edited version.

    To fix, open install the Sharepoint Designer and open the web site on it. Then just restore the previous version of the master page and edit again directly in SharePoint Designer.

  • @Diego

    Thanks. I'm sure I should work, but, unfortunately, I cannot edit masterpage via Designer even in another installation of SP Foundation 2010 still.

  • Thanks for this article.  Do you have instructions on how to fix the built in typo's in the service manager portal?  Specifically, required fields report an error that states, "One or more reponses on this form are invalid.  Click here for more information!"

    Also in the Web part description, "Using specific, canned requests are" is awkward and should be reworded.


  • @Diego and @Travis

    Thanks, I've applied the proposed fix. SharePoint Designer as a tool and correct account as "Secondary Site Collection Administrator" is required to do it.



  • Hi Travis ;

    I did what you told above and now it looks like below. But nothing changed. What can be the problem ?

    <SharePoint:SPPageManager runat="server"/>

    <SharePoint:SPHelpPageComponent Visible="false" runat="server"/>


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the fix, it solve 90% of the issue. The last 10% is because of the scrolling. Is there a way to keep the page opening on top without scrolling down? At least now users can scroll up to see the top of the page.

  • ooohhh Nice fix !!

    It's works fine and solve this problem !!


    ps: I will publish an article on my blog to point to this article, because it's very usefull

  • Thanks for this, bit odd it wasn't included in SP1 though.

  • I downloaded a copy of ‘SMPortalpage.master’ to my desktop.

    Renamed it to ‘newSMPortalpage.master’ and edited it with notepad by ‘copy-pasting’ in the lines mentioned.

    I then uploaded this ‘newSMPortalpage.master’ document to the master page gallery.

    Next renamed ‘SMSPortalpage.master’ to ‘ORIGINALSMSPortalpage.master’, renamed ‘newSMSPortalpage.master’ to ‘SMSPortalpage.master’

    It still seems to see the ORIGINAL as the default.

    How can I change this to get it to work?

  • Did anyone ever find out how to correct the error message that pops up in the SSP stating "One or more reponses on this form are invalid"?

  • @Daniel Ruiz

    Yes, solution in short is:

    [SharePoint Designer as a tool and correct account as "Secondary Site Collection Administrator" is required to do it.]



  • There are two buttons/links on the top right page: Display Category and Mode list.
    By default it will go in Display Category mode.
    How I can change the landing of ServiceCatalogWebPart to go directly in Mode list

  • There are two buttons on the top right page: Category view and List View, inside the ServiceCatalogWebPart.
    By default it will go lend in Category view.
    How I can change the landing of ServiceCatalogWebPart to go directly in List View?