FAQ: Why Don't My New Folders/Runbooks Show Up in the SCSM - Orchestrator Connector?

FAQ: Why Don't My New Folders/Runbooks Show Up in the SCSM - Orchestrator Connector?

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I had this problem at MMS and someboy else here in Microsoft just asked me about it.  In case this is a more common thing that might be happening out there, I'll drop this blog post out here to explain it and what the resolution is.


You create a SCSM- Orchestrator connector and sync some runbooks over.

You add a new folder in Orchestrator (underneath the one that you originally configured as the scope when you first created the Orchestrator connector) or a runbook somewhere in the folder hierarchy.

You run 'Sync Now' for the connector and the new runbooks don't show up OR you open the SCSM - Orchestrator connector properties dialog and try to update the folder hierarchy and don't see the child folders.

You double check the permissions for the connector run as account in Orchestrator and all seems OK.  "What's the problem?" you say as you tear out a clump of hair.


The problem may be that the Orchestrator permissions cache hasnt updated yet to grant the connector run as account user on the new folder/runbooks.

You can force an update of the cache by running this SQL query on the Orchestrator DB.

TRUNCATE TABLE [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Internal].AuthorizationCache


Let us know if this works for you in the comments below.

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  • Have the same problem  in Rc . Truncate table solve it every time

  • Have advised several people experiencing similar behavior in recent weeks and this has resolved every time.

  • Yep - someone had thankfully already posted this here - hindenes.com/.../system-center - which helped save a little bit of what remains of my sanity a couple of weeks ago ;-)

  • Awsome! thank you so much, this has been bugging me for awhile, i had to wait 12 - 24 hours before the runbooks show up in Service Manager.

  • Just tested in 2012 RTM worked like a charm

  • That did the trick, even though I'm in a lab and using the same account for everything! Thanks.

  • Works like a charm :-). Thanks Travis

  • It works but we have to do it everytime when a new folder is created in Orchestrator. Is there a permanent solution for this.

    Thanking you in Advance.

    Travis You rock man

  • OMG ! it works thanks for the tip, i was about to become bold.



  • Thanks for the post.  This fixed my issue!

  • Hi Travis,

    I am having a problem, where the runbook is showing in the SM library but in runbook automation activity template I am not able to edit the parameters, it shows blank.

  • this one saved my beacon. Thanks.