Customizing the Self-Service Portal Source Code Example #2–Hiding the Urgency Drop Down

Customizing the Self-Service Portal Source Code Example #2–Hiding the Urgency Drop Down

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Some customers have asked how they can hide the Urgency drop down on the self-service portal request form:


This is really easy to do provided the source code.

You just need to open the CreateRequest.cs file in Visual Studio and add these two lines of code and then compile and deploy using the instructions provided with the portal source code download.



Note: the incident urgency will always default to Medium.

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  • Hi Travis,

    I am using the portal in Turkish. When I customize it and deploy, the necessary Turkish language files are not produced. Some parts of the console become English rather than Turkish. What to do?

  • Hi Ozge - you need the new language packs that were just released:

  • So I tried putting the new customized portal files in to my test environment. Same thing happened. Top parts of the portal is in Turkish, but the rest in English. Do I need to do some deployment with Visual Studio before I put the files on the server?

  • @Ozge - the instructions are provided with the new download package.  Did you follow those?

  • What file was changed to put on EndUser portal?

  • hi Travis,

    I'm trying to change incident portal template urgency settings but I'm not able to change urgency settings for portal incident. How we will change this ?

    thank you.

  • @serken -

    Not sure what you are trying to do.  Can you please explain in more detail?

  • When we create incident from portal there is a option for "Urgency". incident portal page urgency settings default value is Medium. I want to change Urgency settings default to "low". How ?

  • @serkan -

    Look for this code in CreateRequest.cs:

                               // by default we select medium urgency

                               int selectedIndex = 0;

                               foreach (IDataItem item in PortalRequest.Urgency)


                                   if ((Guid)item[DataItemConstants.Id] == Constants.TroubleTicketUrgencyMediumId)




    Change this line:

    if ((Guid)item[DataItemConstants.Id] == Constants.TroubleTicketUrgencyMediumId)

    to this:

    if ((Guid)item[DataItemConstants.Id] == new Guid("725A4CAD-088C-4F55-A845-000DB8872E01"))