Service Manager 2012 CTP1 Delivered to TAP Customers/Partners

Service Manager 2012 CTP1 Delivered to TAP Customers/Partners

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Today we hit an important milestone for SCSM 2012 – CTP1 has been released to TAP customers and partners.  While this is not a public release it is an important milestone that will begin the external testing and feedback cycle.  This milestone includes 20 of the 25 improvements we have planned for SCSM 2012 so we are nearly fully complete with the product already.  Here is an overview of what is in CTP1:

Key Features in CTP1

  • Release Management with parallel activity support

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse with BI Analytics (OLAP)

  • Periodic Notification support

  • Improved PowerShell support

  • Performance improvements

  • Updated connectors to support SC Wave 12

  • Parent – child support for incident and release management

Screenshots from SCSM 2012 CTP1

Enterprise Data Warehouse & Analytics

· Replace System Center Reporting Manager (SCRM)*

o Pull data from SM, OM & CM for a comprehensive view of IT

o Enable direct publish to the DW from custom sources (i.e. SAP, HR)

· Self-service report & dashboard authoring w/OLAP cubes

o OLAP cubes powered by the System Center management pack model

o Report authoring with Office integration for knowledge workers



Release Management

· Automates Release Management Process for large IT organizations

· Release Record is a new Work Item class for tracking Releases

· Parallel and Sequential activities allow to model more complex processes

· Activity Diagram allows to visualize process workflow

· Parent-Child Relationships allow to link multiple small Releases to one parent Release

· Provides important building blocks for Service Requests and Change Records




TAP customers and partners should already have received an email on how to access the CTP1 download via Connect.

Just to answer a question I know somebody is bound to ask….  Sorry, the TAP program has long since been full.  There will be a public beta of SCSM 2012 that will be feature complete in “Q3” CY 2011.

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  • Hi Travis,

    Thanks for the update, it's good to hear of the progress. Is it too early to ask what sort of work will be involved for upgrading from 2010 (with all our customisations) to 2012?

    Also, will we be able to turn off any new features if we don't want them (such as improved SLA management) if we have written our own solutions?



  • @Rob -

    The upgrade will be an in place upgrade and all of your customizations should be preserved.  We'll have more details on the upgrade process, including official documentation on the proces later.

    You will be able to "turn off" incident SLA management by just not choosing to set up any SLAs.

  • @Travis,

    Thanks for this, that is a great relief to me and I'm sure many others :)

    My SLA solution uses the current SLA target resolution, etc settings. Would I have to write new SLA settings in the future or (quick wish list addition!) will there be a "don't run SLA system workflows" tickbox?

  • By "Q3", you mean July 1st, right?  Seriously... I cannnnnt waiiiiit annnyyyy lonnnnngger.  I need my hands on 2012!

  • I assume Request Management didn't make it into this preview release?

  • @James - correct.  request management, self-service portal, service catalog, SLA, VMM connector, Orchestrator connector and some other things are still to come in Beta and are not in the CTP.

  • Are change requests going to be in the SSP?  One my TAP customers is asking for that functionality.

  • @David -

    Yes CR will be in the portal.

  • Interesting blog you have here. I have added it to my site and will check back often! Best Wishes,