Indicating VIPs Through Form Customization

Indicating VIPs Through Form Customization

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A customer I visited last week had a requirement to show whether or not an affected user was a VIP or not.  Their current system has a little red label next to the users name that indicates whether they are a VIP or not.  My challenge was to figure out how to replicate that with SCSM.  Like this:


Here is how I did it.

1) Open the Authoring Tool.

2) Create a new MP.

3) Use the form browser to find the incident MP.  Right click on it and choose View.

4) Click the Customize button at the top of the form.

5) Drag a label control from the form customization toolbox to the form just underneath the Assigned To User in the stack panel (see this blog post for hints on how to do this right).

6) Change the label properties to look like this:


Notice that because the background is transparent and the height and width are set to auto, this label will only show up when the Affected User Notes property has something in it.  Otherwise it will be like it isn’t even there.  If you want to have it be even more noticeable you can change the background color to something else.

Also notice how this property is bound to the Affected User Notes property.

Your label should now look like this on the form in customization mode.


If you import this MP into SCSM and go to the incident form you should see this:


Looks like normal right?  That’s good because we haven’t selected a user yet.  Let’s select one that is not a VIP -  Charlie (my manager) Smile :


Still looks like normal.  Now let’s select a VIP – me Smile



Now – how did I get VERY VERY VIP to show up there?  Remember that this label is bound to the Affected User Notes property.  We don’t expose the notes property on the  user form right now.  It is only settable through CSV import or by using PowerShell SMLets.

I chose to use SMLets in PowerShell like this:


If you want to have people be able to edit this property value in the UI you could use one of the other user properties that we expose on the user form.  I can see reasons why you would want to make it editable in the UI and reasons why you would not want to.

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  • Hello Travis

    While working on a project for one of our clients, i found that the view do not filter correctly when you use "not equal to" in the view criteria.

    This was a large deployment and thank you ( and the team) for all the help and great resources you provided, it really help me alot.

  • Hello Travis

    A few questions that my client came up with:

    1.Within any view you are not able to drag and drop the columns and re-arrange them and have the system keep them that way the next time you log in?  

    2.Do we have any ability to change the colors on the screen?  We have someone that is color blind and cannot see the various shades of grey that are used in different places.

    4.Is there any kind of export function that will take the details of an incident and allow you to e-mail the affected user?

    5.Printing an incident-  the only option is to print all 4 pages of the incident.  How do we just print the first page?

  • Thanks, Travis, I've used this to flag Partners at our law firm. Nice one.

  • @Sam

    1.Within any view you are not able to drag and drop the columns and re-arrange them and have the system keep them that way the next time you log in?

    Use File -> Exit and not X and you view changes should be preserved.

  • @SAM

    1. This is a known issue.

    2. The colors are derived from the system color scheme.  You can turn on high contrast if that helps.

    3. ? :)

    4. Use notification templates for this.

    5. Doesnt look like you can... :(

  • hello Travis,

    thanks for this post, it's great, but now I have few questions.

    - Can we use this flag "very very VIP" to change the SLA of an incident wich is depend if the flag is present or not.

    - Can we add this information for a user with another method than CSV ? (SCCM for example ?)

    - Is the flag present on the user form ?

    Thanks a lot for you answers.


  • @Raynald -

    1) Yes, you just need to trigger a workflow to update the incident urgency/impact based on the affected users VIP status.  See this blog post for more information:

    2) You could use SMLets as described.

    3) It depends on which property you use for storing the "flag".  If you use one of the properties that is displayed on the form then it will be shown on the form.

  • Hi Travis

    Can I change the Incident form to move the "Attachedfiles" toolbox from the "RelatedItems" tab to the "General" Tab with the authoring tools ?

    Can you tell me how can I dot that ?

    Thanks a lot


  • @Raynald -

    No sorry, it is no possible to move controls from one tab to another in the current version of the authoring tool.

  • Ok thanks Travis,

    And there isn't any solution to add a control on a tab ?

    Maybe with a development ?

  • You can add controls like textboxes, drop downs, checkboxes, date/time pickers, user pickers, images, etc on forms, but there is no control in the toolbox for attached files.

  • Hi travis,

    I have tested this procedure and I have an issue when I want to import the new Management Pack.

    The error message is :

    "One or more images or Assembly ressources are missing in the management pack that you try to import. Please create a management pack grouping et test to import it".

    I don't understand this issue. Can you help me about that ?

  • This procedure above should not lead to the error message you are seeing.  Maybe you did some other things in your MP as well?  PLesae open the XML file in an editor and look at the very end of the MP and see if there is a resources section in there.

  • Yes, I have changed the "Attachedfiles" box place on the tab.

    At the end of the XML file there is a resource section with differents parameters...

  • What is listed in that resources section?