Partner Demo: Cased Dimensions Service Level Management

Partner Demo: Cased Dimensions Service Level Management

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Cased Dimensions, a Microsoft partner that offers a SLA management solution on top of Service Manager released their management pack awhile back.  Since then it has seen some additional improvements and new features.  They have put together a demo video so everyone can see what it does at a glance.

Cased Dimension’s solution extends Service Manager to add more comprehensive support for service level management.  They have support for all types of work items, not just incidents.  You can specify business hours and holidays.  You can specify different SLAs by creating criteria by which to apply the SLAs to incidents such as those incidents which are ‘Priority less than 3’.  A more recent feature they have added is the ability to weight specific users so that they have a modified SLA target.  For example – if the target resolution time is normally 20 minutes, you could weight an executive at 50% of target so that the target resolution time would be 10 minutes.

This is really a fantastic solution and is a great addition on top of the relatively basic SLA management capabilities SCSM offers out of the box.  Please enjoy this new demo video!

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  • Hello, Is there a way to import knowlage base artciles directlyu into service manager? We have a clinet that is migrating from another system and they need to move all knowlage base articles.

    Another issue, we deployed the create request.aspx page within SharePoint 2010 and id produces an error when you reach the summary page. The only way to create an incident ticket from the SharePoint site is to use a page viewr web part for the create request page. do you have a time frame where the SCSM portal web parts for 2010 will be relesaed even in beta relese?


  • @SAM -

    See this blog post:

    The portal source code will be released late this week or early next week.

  • Thanks Travis, I really appreciate your help

  • Is there a way to remove or hide the Pending incident status. We have a client who does not want to have pending as a status?

    Also, this client has a group of users who are NOT in active directory due to the nature of their jobs, how can we let these users create incidents?  I thought that we can create a separate page that sends an e-mail to the system to enable them to create requests.  It is a local government client and so they can’t add these users to their active directory.

  • Unfortunately there isnt a way to remove that Pending status option because it is in a sealed management pack.

    Only users that are in Active Directory can access Service Manager.

    I would suggest setting up a simple web site that uses the Service Manager SDK to create/update/get incidents.  Have that web site run as a AD user but have it use forms authentication or something like that instead of windows integrated.

  • Thanks Travis, i knew that this would be a long shot. I offered these solutions to the client but i just wanted to make sure user that these is no other way that i was not aware off so i thought i would check with you. I have two more questions for you:

    Any idea when the web parts for SharePoint 2010 will be ready?

    Many of my client’s users have missing information in AD and I was thinking that i can create a work flow to update this information when the tech support open a ticket for them. My idea is to use a workflow when the incident is created that uses a powershell script. Would that work and is there any resources that can help me do that it is possible?

    Thanks again.

  • @SAM-  

    We won't be having web parts that are special built for SP 2010 until R2.  In theory you can take the web parts today and deploy them on SP 2010 - some customers have done it.  I dont know what the gotchas are though.  If there are any issues we have provided the source code to those web parts now so you can change them if you need to.

    RE: Updating AD - check out this blog post:

  • Hello Travis

    I was under the impression that SP 2010 web parts will be released by the team so i did not try to work on creating these web parts. Knowing that the team will not release these web parts, I will start working on creating the Portal within SP 2010 and i will document the process and share it with you when i am done. Thanks for the AD, you saved me a lot of time there, I owe you a big time for that one so let me know if you are in the DC Area 

    Regarding the “Pending Status”, I was able to locate the text in the LocalizedText table and based on response that this is not supported I assume that If I change the pending status, any update my changes will be lost (I can totally live with that). Are there any other issues that making that change will produce on the system? Unfortunately I am at a point where I can’t test this right now but once i can test this in a couple of weeks and I would not care if I break the system, I can redeploy.

    Thanks again Travis

  • @SAM -

    I listed the areas that I think might be problematic about renaming display strings directly in the database on that forum post.  There might be others...  I just don't know.  Haven't spent much time looking at it in detail.

  • @Travis

    will MSCSM2012 have the same SLA functionality as it is actually provided by the Cased Dimenson solution?


  • @gk2009 - The functionality will be similar in some ways but it will not be the same implementation.  We'll have more details and a demonstration in a month or two.

  • Could you please advise how should I mitigate SLA breaced by external service provider?