FAQ: How Can I Enable Non-Admins to Create/Edit/Delete Announcements?

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The security matrix for SCSM allows for users in a Advanced Operator, Author, or Administrator user role to create & edit announcements.  Only problem is that the Announcement view out of the box is only in the Administration workspace which only admins can see.  If you want to be able to have non-admins manage announcements you just need to create an announcements view in the configuration items workspace.  Or just import the MP attached to this blog post.


You’ll get the same tasks as in the Announcements view in the Administration workspace view:


Make sure you use that Delete task and not this one:


The second one there actually deletes the object from the database instead of just hiding it from the view.  Only admins can do the actual delete.

In the attached zip file you will find:

1) The .mpb file.  Import this if you just want the functionality.

2) The .xml source file for the MP if you want to make some customizations in XML

3) The image files

Attachment: AnnouncementsView.zip

FAQ: How Can I Enable Non-Admins to Create/Edit/Delete Announcements?

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  • We made modifications to the .xml, but we get the following error when importing the .xml into another environment: "The management pack you are attempting to import contains one or more missing image or assembly resources. Please create a management pack bundle and try importing again."

    What other components do we need to bundle with our updated .xml, and where are the bundling instructions?

    Thank you.

    Adam Bryer

  • I have found information on bundling and unbundling management packs at technet.microsoft.com/.../ff461197.aspx . Is there anything in particular about announcementsview.zip that needs to be taken into account?

  • All of the files you need are in the .zip. I found it straigtforward to rebundle the files, after making changes to them, by following the instructions here jtruher3.wordpress.com/.../introducing-management-pack-bundles with the following procedure.

    1) Place all of the files and the new-mpbfile.ps1 script and into a folder.

    2) Place the folder into the root installation of Service Manager, or Service Manager console, on a machine on which you have administrator access.

    3) Launch a PS session run-as-adminstrator and navigate to that folder.

    4) Run the following: .\new-mpbfile.ps1 .\<name of .xml>.xml <name of mpb you want to create, minus ".mpb">

  • Hi Travis,

    Thanks for this, I've been wanting to show this for our Managers as well as several other things under administration.

    Also, I cannot appear to get any user except for an admin to edit a KB article without getting a permissions error on save, even if the user created the KB article. Is this normal?



  • @Rob - Only users in an advanced operator, author, or administrator user role can edit knowledge articles.

  • When trying to import the MPB it errors on the xml file (not making any changes)