All Work Items Assigned to Me View

All Work Items Assigned to Me View

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I’ve seen this one enough times now that I just had to do something about it.  Attached is a management pack which will show you all the work items (incidents, change requests, problems, etc. ) that are assigned to you.



Check out the MP XML if you want to see how I did it.  I tried to get it to show Review Activities where you are a reviewer but that part isn’t working for some reason.

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  • A great view, but I am having trouble importing it.  The import fails on the System.Image.Library.  In the management pack its version is 6.1.7221.0, I believe the version for Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7.  I tried changing it to 7.0.2826.0 and 7.0.5826.886 for CU3 to no avail.

    System.ArgumentException: The requested management pack is not valid. See inner exception for details.

    Parameter name: managementPack ---> : Verification failed with 1 errors:


    Error 1:

    : Could not load management pack [ID=System.Image.Library, KeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35, Version=7.0.5826.886]. The management pack was not found in the store.

    An error occurred while loading management pack 2e9ceaf4-334b-2357-2514-9628dba09b91 from the database

  • Correction - 7.0.5826.0 on that first version change.

  • It appears to be an alias to SCOM 2007 R2.  I removed the alias and the MP imported successfully.

  • Sorry about that folks.  I've removed the Image MP reference since it wasnt needed and put a new version of the Work Items Assigned to Me View MP.

  • It works like a charm after applying the latest update found here

    But it would really be nice if I could change it to NOT display closed items

    any way I can make that change my self. I cant edit the view selections and even if i could Status is not one of the options

    Thanks anyway its a nice start


  • @Sam - that's kind of the problem with creating a view like this which targets a class high in the model like System.WorkItem.  You can only use those properties that are defined on System.WorkItem (or it's related objects) as columns or view criteria.  Since each Work Item class (incidenet, change, manual activity, etc.) have their own unique statuses it's not possible to set criteria for each of them or to show them as a column in the view.

  • Thanks for the info Travis I had assumed as much but thought I would ask,

    I guess this is the same reason I cant use a workflow to send out an email to the creator of the CR (or assgined person) when the RA or MA  have been completed/updated.


  • Ok I have managed to do it (please tell me if there is a better/ easier way)

    I have created 3 SQL Views,

    one to convert the MA/RA to the CR,

    one to convert the CR to the assigned username

    one to convert the Assigned username to a notification Address

    then I created a workflow in the Authoring tool that fires on the update of the RA/MA, which launches a vbscript, which inturn runs quieries against the views to produce the Email address of the person from the MA number.

    the VB script then sends an email saying that the CR has been approved/updated

    quite along way round but I got there in the end


  • I have my techs begging for a view like what Sam describes: "All OPEN Work Items Assigned To Me". They want one window to help them plan their work. Is it impossible to create a view that simply combines other views?

  • @wolverangel -

    Unfortunately it's not possible to create a view like right now that because each work item class has its own status properties and status values appropriate for that type of work item.

  • Hey Travis,

    I want to modify this MP to display all Work Items where the Primary Owner is X. I've tried modifying the Projection and QueryCriteria, but I haven't been successful. Are you able to provide any assistance?

  • @Tim -

    That's not possible to do since this view is targeted at the System.WorkItem class and the relationship for Primary User is only defined for incidents not the other work item classes.

  • @Travis,

    Ok, that makes sense...So then it should be possible to do for 'All Incidents where Primary Owner = X'? Itching further...Perhaps 'All Incidents where Primary Owner = X & Workitems where Assigned To = X'?

    Thanks again

  • Yes - you can easily do a view of all incidents where the primary owner is X.  See these two blog posts:

    The second view is not possible unfortunately since you would be mixing target classes (incident and system.workitem)

  • @Travis,

    Oh wow, creating the view is even easier than I thought. I was able to do it thru the UI by following Patrik's blog. However, I want to be able to show this view at the root level, just as your example in this blog post shows. I modified the View to Target="WorkItem!System.WorkItem" (WorkItem aliases System.WorkItem.Library). This imports, but the view is still contained inside of the Incidents folder. Is there something that should be changed elsewhere to have it show up in the root level?