Announcing Service Manager 2010 Dashboards!

Announcing Service Manager 2010 Dashboards!

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I’m happy to announce the RTM of the web-based Service Manager 2010 dashboards. We’ve leveraged the Solution Accelerator Team’s dashboard framework to deliver a free download for our customers. These dashboards not only deliver actionable information out of the box, but also provides a flexible framework which allows easily customizing and extending these dashboards to meet their specific needs.

These are available for download immediately from If you have any feedback please email

The high level highlights are:

Actionable information out of the box

These dashboards will let you easily stay on top of key trends within the Incident Management, Change Management and Activity Management solutions. These solution aligned dashboards will provide insight into relevant key performance indicators and trends at a glance, such as:

  • Incident volume, Time to Resolution, Within Target Resolution %, and more
  • Change volume, On Time completion rates, Emergency change rates and more
  • Activity volume, On time completion rates, and more

Access from the browser and/or the console

Customers can import the provided management pack to easily access the web-based dashboards from within the console UI.

Easy to build and configure & customize

Wizard-based tools let customers easily create new dashboards in minutes. Additionally, the dashboards can easily be customized to meet your needs. Any data in the data warehouse or any other database can be presented in the dashboard via a chart, gauge, and/or table formats.

Here’s a screen shot when accessing via a web browser:



Here’s a screenshot after I imported them into the console using the management pack we provide (the user guide has all the details on where to find it after installing).


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  • The documentation has a couple of errors (unless I've downloaded an old version):

    1) Just for clarification, the Data Warehouse database name is DWDataMart (by default). Don't choose the DWRrepository.

    2) Page 15 .. you need to change to the SCSM\ServiceManagerDashboard folder .. the powershell script is NewMPBFile.ps1 (there is no hyphen as the documentation suggests) and running the script creates a testmpb.mpb file (rather than a ServiceManager.Dashboards.mpb file).

    But certainly looks good. Well done ;-)

  • Yeah, the script does not work for me neither...

  • Yes, Thanks Graham for pointing out the correct database name and the script name change. DWDataMart is definitely the correct default name, but this is configurable on installation so please be sure to validate the name of your data mart database.

    Regarding the mpb file name, make sure you pass two parameters to the script. The sceond parameter is the output filename and if ommitted it will create an mpb named testmpb.mpb. Your script call should look like this: .\NewMPBFile.ps1 .\ServiceManager.Dashboards.xml ServiceManager.Dashboards

  • I installed dashboard.

    But when I run http://sharepoint:12345/default.aspx I get this error on each webpart

    "No data returned from Data Source

    Last Updated At:July 9, 2010 13:52"

    Then I go to "Site Actions" -> "Edit Page"

    I type "IncidentCreationbyDate.xml" to Dataset configuration name input box

    Press Create/Edit

    Open "DataSet"

    Press "Parse Query". This completes OK.

    Press "Validate Query". And get an error: Invalid object name 'IncidentDimvw'.

    I searched this table in all Service Manger's tables in MSSQL and nothing finds.

  • Murzic,

    Please make sure you set up the dashboards pointing to your Data Warehouse server and the DWDataMart database (as its named by default). The ServiceManager db does not have the IncidentDimvw but the DWDataMart db does

  • The documentation of system requirements specifies WSS3.0 or MOSS2007,  can we use SharePoint 2010 Foundations as well?

  • Hello,

    can I use current WSS which is used for Operations Manager Service Level Dashboard 2.0 reports?

    Is this right place for ask this kind of questions?



  • Sharepoint 2010 was not in the supported test matrix, so the installer won't run on Sharepoint 2010. However, it may be possible to deploy to WSS 3.0 then upgrade the server to Sharepoint 2010.

    As to deploying on the same WSS install as the OM dashboards....yes this should be doable you'll only need to ensure the port number of the SM Dashboard site differs when installing (ie if the OM Dashboard is on http://servername:12345, then install the SM Dashboard on http://servername:12346)

  • Hi chris,

    I would like to know if this dashboard can be used with sharepoint server 2010 which has sharepoint foundation installed also.


  • the script not work for me :

    .\NewMPBFile.ps1 .\ServiceManager.Dashboards.xml ServiceManager.Dashboards

    where do execute that script ? Is it at : C:\Program Files\Service Manager Dashboard\Metadata\SCSM ?

  • Couple of questions/comments

    1)Why does this need Domain Admins rights to install?

    2)I assume in the UI that when it asks for the SCSM Datawarehouse server it really means the SQL server if SQL is not on the SCSM box?

  • Hi, can you please tell me where to find that Management Pack that displays Dashboard directly in the Console. Thank you.

  • A word of warning, installing this broke the on my SCSM console server. My setup is SCSM server1 and SCSM server2 (DW) and databases for both on a separate SQL box. All 2008 R2, SCSM is at SP1. I installed Sharepoint 3.0 64bit on my SCSM server1 and after some problems solved by adding the SCSM server1 computer account on the SQL DB instance as a login, the dashboard installation still failed with very little to go on for troubleshooting. At this point I notice my self-service portal was no longer working. Exactly the same issues as here:

    I couldnt get it working in a couple of hours so I restored the server (HyperV virtual server) from backup and all is well.

    Just wanted to share my experience and give a word of warning, I might have another go on a test server later, if I do I'll post how it goes.

  • FYI to all: This does not work on Sharepoint Services 2010. You need 2007 or earlier. I have been informed that it takes some ninja Sharepoint skills to get it to work on SP2010.

    Chris: Do you have plans to make an update to this to make it work with Sharepoint 2010? Or Does SCSM2012 have a built in Dashboard?


  • Do you know if this works for 2012?  Also, do they have dashboards for Problem Management?