Hidden Feature: Export Data to Excel from a View

Hidden Feature: Export Data to Excel from a View

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OK, speaking of hidden features…  I didn’t even know about this one until today.   Somewhere along the way the console framework development team added support to the Grid view type to copy the data from selected objects in the grid view to the clipboard in TSV (tab separated value) format.  From there you can directly paste it into Excel.  This works for any kind of Grid view in the console – incident views, computer views, search results, etc.

The reason I call this is a hidden feature is that it is not exposed in the user interface in any way.  There are no links in the task pane for this, no options in the menu, no option on the right click menu, etc.  Don’t ask me why! :)  You can only do this with the standard clipboard keyboard shortcuts – CTRL+C for copy.  CTRL+A also works for Select All.  So with a couple of quick keyboard shortcuts you can easily dump all the data from a view to Excel - CTRL+A, CTRL+C, ALT+TAB (to switch to Excel), CTRL+V (Paste).  Awesome!!

Here is a screenshot showing the data pasted into notepad and Excel from the Service Manager console.


Note: I have no idea when this was added and since I am only testing on RC builds on this point it may only work in an RC build of Service Manager which is coming out very soon…

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  • Travis,

    this is the same in OpsMgr console from RTM. Probably grid view is taken from there?


  • Our grid view is a new version of the grid view from Operations Manager, but it is built by the same team.  So, yeah, they must have ported that functionality over at some point.

  • Travis,

    Is it possible to view the SCOM alerts or warnings in excel?

  • @Prabhu -

    Two options:

    1) Go to the Data Warehouse/Cubes view and select the incident/problem cube and choose Analyze in Excel.

    2) Open the SCOM alert-generated incidents view in the Work Items workspace and do the above trick in the blog post.  These are *incidents* which have been generated from alerts, not exactly alerts but pretty close.

  • Could someone please help?
    When I used CTRL+V to past the selected grid view into Excel, some of the columns changed into a number instead of text. Such as Classification Category and Status supposed to be text. Thank you

    Classification Category Resolved Date Status First Name
    460.5 7/29/2014 6:49 10 Michael
    317.5 7/29/2014 8:47 10 Michael
    460.5 7/30/2014 7:33 10 Michael

  • Keang - I have found this happens when you change the display order of columns - I had re-arranged my columns using advanced view editor, removing the sorting resolved the problem for me.

  • @Keang

    In case someone else comes across this, the solution to fixing the columns that show numbers is:

    - Go to "Edit View (Advanced)"
    - Scroll down to the Order
    - Select the "..." for the column that isn't displaying correctly
    - Under "Format Options", change "Get enum as" to "Display Name"
    - Click OK and Save the view.
    - You may have to reconnect/restart your Service Manager console.