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  • Blog Post: Isolation and State Separation

    Isolation and State Separation are two very important concepts in the world of application virtualization, but we throw those terms around a lot without really explaining what we mean by them. I’m going to attempt to explain what those concepts mean to us and the roles they play with application virtualization...
  • Blog Post: End to End Application Packaging, Deployment and State Management using Server App-V

    This blog post will cover a portion of my MMS session (AM-B316) and will be useful if you're looking to familiarize yourself with some of the key value propositions of Server App-V. This post will allow you to: Grasp how packaging using the Server App-V Sequencer works Understand how deployment with...
  • Blog Post: Welcome to Server Application Virtualization

    Easy as pie. Like taking candy from a baby. A walk in the park. Like shooting fish in a barrel. You hear those phrases all the time. But how often do you hear them applied to installing server applications in a datacenter? Sure, maybe you have some web app that’s easy to set up, but I’m...