• How We Think About Data Visualizations

    Data visualizations represent a way to distill information to what matters most. They engage our brains, which are inherently designed to detect data patterns quickly, and they make us more productive. By nature, data visualizations inherently invite...
  • Avoiding Lock-In for Success with the Hybrid Cloud

    With the Cloud OS vision, we are dedicated to enabling choice for both providers and consumers of services. When developing a hybrid cloud strategy , evaluate your options with lock-in avoidance as a top priority. Ask yourself whether your strategy puts...
  • Success with the Hybrid Cloud in the Disaster Recovery Scenario

    The cloud has made Disaster Recovery (DR) simple and cost effective, turning TR from once being a luxury to a requirement. Although having a DR strategy is widely considered a base-line requirement for many organizations, some still do not have a DR plan...
  • Making Big Data Work for All

    This week, Microsoft announced the general availability of Power BI for Office 365, and that support for Hadoop 2.2 clusters is now in preview for Windows Azure HDInsight, our cloud-based Hadoop Service. At Microsoft, we are striving to put the power...
  • Announcing the General Availability of Power BI for Office 365: Analyze, Visualize and Share Data in the Cloud

    Today, Microsoft announced that Power BI for Office 365, a cloud-based business intelligence service that gives people a powerful new way to work with data in the tools they use every day, is now available. The capabilities that Power BI brings will not...
  • Introducing Our New CEO, Satya Nadella

    Microsoft today named Satya Nadella its next Chief Executive Officer. Formerly executive vice president of the company’s Cloud and Enterprise group, Nadella led the development of one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world. Meet Microsoft’s...
  • An Inside Look at the Microsoft Data Platform Vision

    Over the last year, you probably observed some changes in Microsoft’s data platform work -- in our product approach and how we talk about our products. We ramped-up our energy and sharpened our focus on the opportunities of cloud computing. As we...
  • Inside View: The Virtuous Cycle of Cloud Computing

    We believe that the learnings we are getting from the public cloud should be delivered for all the world to benefit. In fact, Microsoft is the only organization in the world operating a globally available, at-scale public cloud that delivers back everything...
  • Mobile Device Management from a People-centric Approach

    Microsoft’s vision is to enable people to be productive on all devices they love while helping IT ensure that corporate assets are secure and protected. This focus on a people-centric approach to solving BYO and consumerization challenges has led...
  • How the Retail Industry Can Benefit from the Hybrid Cloud

    In the retail industry, a Hybrid Cloud offers a number of real, substantial advantages that can maximize every dollar of your IT budget. Today we examine three key areas where a Hybrid environment can have a huge impact, including scale, high availability...
  • Save Time and Money with a Hybrid Cloud

    A Hybrid Cloud allows an enterprise to compliment on-premises capacity with cloud infrastructure services on an as-needed basis to offer a high degree of flexibility to enterprises who need to add capacity yet maintain certain resources on-premises for...
  • Let's Talk TechEd North America 2014

    This year at TechEd 2014, by including the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) within the event, we'll be gathering the most knowledgeable crowd of IT Pros and Enterprise Developers ever assembled. As the premier source of deep technical content, you...
  • Best Practices for Operating Your Hybrid Cloud - Health monitoring and Self-service

    In this post we’ll examine two critical aspects of hybrid cloud operations: Health monitoring and self-service, including how to identify and troubleshoot some of the most common maintenance questions and obstacles. To successfully operate your Hybrid...
  • The 2013 Year in Review – Resources for IT Professionals

    By any measurement, 2013 has been a HUGE year for launches here at Microsoft – but, ultimately, the value of these new products will be judged by how much they help organizations increase their competitiveness and how much they help IT Pros and end-users do their jobs better than ever before. MORE

  • Windows Azure Web Sites and Intermediate Certificates

    Using SSL with Windows Azure Web sites is a popular scenario, and while uploading and assigning a cert to your site is usually simple and straightforward (as discussed in our recent blog posts, some customers have had challenges with this when their certificate...
  • Expanded and Free Resources for VMware Experts

    Back in October, w announced some new resources from Microsoft to help VMware Experts “Future-Proof” their career.  The resources included the new Microsoft Virtualization Certification, free live training to prep for the cert, and a voucher to take the new cert exam for free.  And here’s the good news for you:  We are now making the course available for free, on-demand and we are also offering the free exam voucher to IT pros who take this on-demand version of the training. MORE

  • Microsoft Launches the Cloud OS Network

    Today, Microsoft announced the launch of the Microsoft Cloud OS Network. The Cloud OS Network is a program consisting of over 25 leading cloud service providers who have embraced the Cloud OS vision. These organizations offer solutions based on the Microsoft Cloud Platform designed to meet customers’ hybrid computing needs. The Microsoft Cloud Platform consists of Windows Server with Hyper-V, System Center and Windows Azure Pack. MORE

  • Are You a BYOD Chieftain? Tell Us in Poetry

    If you spend your days wrangling devices and your night times ruminating, here’s your chance to do both! Write a poem that shows us how you manage devices, data, and apps in your workplace, putting a fun spin on BYOD, and you could win an Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle. MORE

  • Best Practices for Planning Your Hybrid Cloud

    Planning a Hybrid Cloud is also an opportunity to rethink the way you operate. If there are inefficiencies you’ve identified in the past, this planning process is an opportunity to isolate them and characterize improved processes. In other words, resist the temptation to migrate how you do things today to your new hybrid environment – instead, focus on how this kind of infrastructure can improve how your organization operates at every level. MORE

  • Microsoft Tech Companion App Launches – Cross Platform App Gets the Latest News for your Phone or Slate

    We are pleased to announce a new application that will allow both Developers and IT Professionals to access Microsoft information from a variety of panes of glass.  The Microsoft Tech Companion is now available for download. This application brings you the latest news on products, features, and upcoming events, virtually anywhere. Customize feeds to surface the content that matter most to you. Search for answers from a consolidated database of Microsoft content. MORE

  • The Components of a Hybrid Cloud

    For a lot of IT pros, the last two posts have been a nice overview of the Hybrid Cloud model, but they’ve been waiting to get technical. Starting with this post, I’ll begin a deep look at the specific technology that supports and maximizes Hybrid Clouds, as well as the tools available for use in this environment. A lot of IT pros are looking for how to build this, and in this post I’ll identify what those component pieces are, and take a look at the work Microsoft is doing to provide support for these hybrid scenarios. MORE

  • Curate the web and share what you know on Curah!

    Searching for great technical information is tough – and finding the right place to contribute and show off great content that you’ve either written or discovered is also challenging. With our new content service Curah!, we have a way to make both those tasks easier. MORE

  • Why Hybrid Cloud?

    Microsoft has focused on creating a hybrid model that is dramatically different and more functional than any other cloud approach in the industry.  This hybrid functionality comes in-box, at enterprise scale, within the Windows software you already know and love – and this simplified and streamlined setup is very good news for enterprises that need to simplify and streamline their IT infrastructure. MORE

  • Visual Studio 2013 Launches - Join the Virtual Launch Event Now!

    The worldwide launch of Visual Studio 2013 is today. Join Microsoft executives S. Somasegar, Scott Guthrie, and Brian Harry at 7:00am PST for the keynote. Other events will follow throughout the day. Sessions will be recorded and shared later if you can't catch them all live. MORE

  • In the Cloud - New Blog Series Launch

    In any region, at any size, in any industry, an enterprise’s IT infrastructure has an enormous impact on the success of that organization. There are as many infrastructure setups and strategies as there are enterprises, with each IT team tailoring it to the unique and changing needs of that business. At Microsoft we are realistic about how quickly and dramatically the needs of a datacenter can change, and that is why we enable a Hybrid Cloud IT model. This post is the first in a multi-part series that this blog will feature as a detailed overview of Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud approach to enterprise IT. MORE