• Best Practices for Planning Your Hybrid Cloud

    Planning a Hybrid Cloud is also an opportunity to rethink the way you operate. If there are inefficiencies you’ve identified in the past, this planning process is an opportunity to isolate them and characterize improved processes. In other words, resist the temptation to migrate how you do things today to your new hybrid environment – instead, focus on how this kind of infrastructure can improve how your organization operates at every level. MORE

  • Microsoft Tech Companion App Launches – Cross Platform App Gets the Latest News for your Phone or Slate

    We are pleased to announce a new application that will allow both Developers and IT Professionals to access Microsoft information from a variety of panes of glass.  The Microsoft Tech Companion is now available for download. This application brings you the latest news on products, features, and upcoming events, virtually anywhere. Customize feeds to surface the content that matter most to you. Search for answers from a consolidated database of Microsoft content. MORE

  • The Components of a Hybrid Cloud

    For a lot of IT pros, the last two posts have been a nice overview of the Hybrid Cloud model, but they’ve been waiting to get technical. Starting with this post, I’ll begin a deep look at the specific technology that supports and maximizes Hybrid Clouds, as well as the tools available for use in this environment. A lot of IT pros are looking for how to build this, and in this post I’ll identify what those component pieces are, and take a look at the work Microsoft is doing to provide support for these hybrid scenarios. MORE

  • Curate the web and share what you know on Curah!

    Searching for great technical information is tough – and finding the right place to contribute and show off great content that you’ve either written or discovered is also challenging. With our new content service Curah!, we have a way to make both those tasks easier. MORE

  • Why Hybrid Cloud?

    Microsoft has focused on creating a hybrid model that is dramatically different and more functional than any other cloud approach in the industry.  This hybrid functionality comes in-box, at enterprise scale, within the Windows software you already know and love – and this simplified and streamlined setup is very good news for enterprises that need to simplify and streamline their IT infrastructure. MORE

  • Visual Studio 2013 Launches - Join the Virtual Launch Event Now!

    The worldwide launch of Visual Studio 2013 is today. Join Microsoft executives S. Somasegar, Scott Guthrie, and Brian Harry at 7:00am PST for the keynote. Other events will follow throughout the day. Sessions will be recorded and shared later if you can't catch them all live. MORE

  • In the Cloud - New Blog Series Launch

    In any region, at any size, in any industry, an enterprise’s IT infrastructure has an enormous impact on the success of that organization. There are as many infrastructure setups and strategies as there are enterprises, with each IT team tailoring it to the unique and changing needs of that business. At Microsoft we are realistic about how quickly and dramatically the needs of a datacenter can change, and that is why we enable a Hybrid Cloud IT model. This post is the first in a multi-part series that this blog will feature as a detailed overview of Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud approach to enterprise IT. MORE

  • Windows Azure Active Directory Management Revisited

    One of the big requests we've had from developers and administrator is to have an option to create multiple Windows Azure Active Directories that they can use for development and test purposes, or because they want to have separate directories to synchronize with their local Windows Server AD forests.

    I'm happy to let you know that we heard this feedback, and with we've recently added features to simplify the experience for creating and managing additional directories. MORE

  • Microsoft and Cisco Announce - New integrated cloud solutions

    On Wednesday at Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) event in New York, I joined Cisco CEO John Chambers to announce an expanded partnership between our two companies.

    Microsoft and Cisco have a long history of collaborating to help customers address business and technology challenges. Together, we helped customers embrace IP-based client server computing and, most recently, with our pre-validated solutions, we’ve helped customers like ING Direct, nGenx, and the City of Barcelona embrace the private cloud. MORE

  • Magic VMware Migrations

    The building clouds team produced a fantastic video about converting virtual machines to Hyper-V.  It is light hearted and funny, but it also has some solid technical information for your consideration.  MORE

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials - Services Integration Overview Part 1

    More and more small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to adopt mainstream cloud services such as Office 365. While adopting cloud services helps to increase IT capabilities and also provides predictable operational costs, it leads to a new challenge—how to manage on-premises resources and cloud services effectively. In Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, the Dashboard continues to play an important role in addressing this new challenge. MORE

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) - Network Without Limits

    At Microsoft, we create and deliver first party apps (both on-premises and in our cloud datacenters), as well as host the apps that our customers and partners build. All of this runs on our own network infrastructure alongside workloads like Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Xbox Live, and Office 365.

    Our experiences with key workloads like these help us to deeply understand what is required to deliver infrastructure and networking that is optimized for the apps that enterprises need most. MORE

  • Microsoft Server and Cloud Community Resources - One Stop Shopping

    Providing information to our community is important to us.  There are a number of channels we use to get the word out on promotions, great technical content, and fun contests. The Microsoft Server and Cloud business is growing, as is the community of developers and IT professionals. 

    We recently launched a number of new areas on Microsoft.com to give you better perspective on the Cloud OS vision we have, the investments we are making, and how to get information for evaluation and implementation purposes.  In addition to the stories and articles, we also launched a new Community area. MORE

  • New Virtualization Certification Announced - Future Proof and go Bilingual

    The IT industry never slows down and IT pros are constantly assessing what’s next and what’s best – not only for their business, but also for their careers. The virtualization world is going through a big inflection point, and this is leading to a lot of noise and conflicting information in the marketplace. Over the last several years, VMware experts have seen a big benefit to their careers from the widespread adoption of virtualization, but everyone is also looking ahead to what’s next. With this in mind, I am happy to announce two brand new resources from Microsoft that help bring more IT professionals along on the journey: A new Microsoft Virtualization certification, as well as a brand new website, Virtualization2. MORE

  • Windows Azure HDInsight has released and is now available

    Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Azure HDInsight, its cloud-based distribution of Hadoop. Further expanding on Microsoft’s big data strategy, Microsoft CVP Quentin Clark will deliver a keynote at O’Reilly Strata + Hadoop World tomorrow, where he will discuss Microsoft’s vision to democratize big data by providing easy to use tools and a unified data platform. MORE

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 CTP2 Backup and Restore Enhancements

    SQL Server 2014 CTP2 includes three SQL Server Backup and Restore enhancements.  These enhancements enables using Windows Azure for backups, providing options to ease and automate backup management, and improved security for backups through encryption.

    In addition, to enable backup to Windows Azure from previous versions of SQL Server, a stand-alone tool is now available. MORE

  • Draft a Fantasy Football Team with Microsoft Power Query

    Fantasy football draft season is here, and the UX test lead for Power Query, Ben Martens, thought that picking his fantasy team seemed like an interesting test case for Power Query. Here it is how he did it in his own words:

    There’s a lot of data available and I thought that past performance might give some indicator of future results. Before I could figure that out, I needed to pull all the data into a single table. Here’s a walkthrough of my solution. It’s not short so I might be brief in some areas. MORE

  • Windows Azure: Backup Services Release and more!

    Today we are releasing Windows Azure Backup Service as a general availability service.  This release is now live in production, backed by an enterprise SLA, supported by Microsoft Support, and is ready to use for production scenarios.

    Windows Azure Backup is a cloud based backup solution for Windows Server which allows files and folders to be backed up and recovered from the cloud, and provides off-site protection against data loss. The service provides IT administrators and developers with the option to back up and protect critical data in an easily recoverable way from any location with no upfront hardware cost. MORE

  • Cloud OS Vision Delivered

    Over the last year, we have made some incredible developments with Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, and the new release of Windows Intune – and I am incredibly excited for these products to reach general availability today! MORE

  • SQL Server 2014 CTP2 - now available for download

    Microsoft SQL Server 2014 brings to market new in-memory capabilities built into the core database and provides new cloud capabilities to simplify cloud adoption for your SQL databases and help you unlock new hybrid scenarios. MORE

  • Pushing the Boundaries with SQL Server 2014 CTP2

    We are pushing the boundaries of our data platform with breakthrough performance, cloud capabilities and the pace of delivery to our customers. Last year at PASS Summit, we announced our In-Memory OLTP project “Hekaton” and since then released SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse and public previews of Windows Azure HDInsight and Power BI for Office 365. Today we have SQL Server 2014 CTP2, our public and production-ready release shipping a mere 18 months after SQL Server 2012. MORE

  • How Durability is Achieved for Memory-Optimized Tables

    In-memory OLTP provides full durability for memory-optimized tables. When a transaction that has made changes to memory-optimized table commits, SQL Server, just like it does for disk-based tables, guarantees that the changes are permanent and can survive the database restart provided the underlying storage is available. MORE

  • The Enterprise Cloud is on center stage

    Today as we launch our fall wave of enterprise cloud products and services, I’ve been reflecting on how things change. A few years ago when I joined what was then the Server and Tools Business, I had the opportunity to talk to financial analysts about our business. Interestingly, after I covered the trends and trajectory of a $19 billion business – what would independently be one of the top three software companies in the world – there were no questions. Zero. MORE

  • Windows Server Clustering Has A Birthday

    As of September 2013, sixteen years prior, Microsoft released the Enterprise Edition of Windows NT Server 4.0 which included Microsoft Cluster Server (also known as MSCS).  My how server clustering has changed over the years! MORE

  • Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) - news from Brad Anderson

    Over the past 11 years, the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) has grown from a small user group event focused on systems management and managing PCs, to a large and passionate gathering of the world’s best and brightest IT Pros.

    Now it’s time to look ahead to the next step for our industry and this community.

    Starting this year we are merging MMS with TechEd. MORE