IIS in Server Core

IIS in Server Core

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For those of you at TechEd recently or who saw the articles, IIS is now a role included in the Server Core installation option. If you have access to the recently released CTP build, IIS is available for you to start testing.

Because Server Core does not currently have any managed code support, IIS does not support ASP.NET when used on Server Core.

The IIS PowerShell cmdlets are all based on WMI, so they can be used to remotely manage IIS running on a Server Core installation.


  • Ok guys,

    I have to say that managed code support for this really is necessary.  If the mono project can add managed support to linux, I don't see why you can't add managed support to server core.

    What am I missing here?

  • hmmm...  After thinking about this comment, I may have answered my own question.

    I wonder if mono-project would allow you to run ASP.NET applications on server core.  It just might.  I need to test that one.

  • The issue is that the .NET Framework today is all or nothing. Server Core doesn't have enough to allow the "all" option to work, so we are stuck with nothing. We are working with them to come up with a subset that will allow PowerShell and ASP.NET to work, but it won't make it for Windows Server 2008 RTM.

  • なんか IIS7.0 と Windows Server 2008 を Remix でもという話が出ていまして、 田辺 や私も登壇することになりそうな雰囲気がでてきました。まあSilverlightがいっぱいのところなのでひっそりとIIS7を聞きたい人だけが集まる部屋でお話をするのも面白いかもですね。

  • For details on the Roles changes in the June CTP, which includes IIS, check http://blogs.technet.com/josebda/archive/2007/07/25/changes-in-windows-server-2008-roles-and-features-from-the-beta-3-to-the-june-ctp.aspx

  • Server core is an odd animal. Personally I find it to be an interesting option that provides a great

  • Server core is an odd animal. Personally I find it to be an interesting option that provides a great

  • The only problem I see with this is that there is no .Net framework, so asp.net isn't supported. Classic ASP is still supported, as would be PHP, and possibly Cold Fusion. However, ASP.Net ...

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