Are You vConfused?

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Naturally, I watched with interest yesterday’s VMware announcement about a new hybrid cloud service, but its left me stymied.  I’m scratching my head:  is their VMware-branded service something they run, or a partner play?  Forrester analyst James Staten described it as “more a statement of intention than a true unveiling,” and others in the press added the “sort of” caveat as well.  Meanwhile, Chris Wolfe at Gartner feels that this service will be delivered by a “VMware-hosted offering”.

Contributing to the confusion are the VMware statements about providing customers with “the benefits of the public cloud” countered with the statement that when customers are ready they can “select the VMware Service Provider that meets your specific requirements, with a choice of hundreds of the best brands in IaaS.”

So, we were wondering if some of you out there might be able to help clarify things.  We’d appreciate it if you could in the comments section below: is VMware going to operate a real public cloud somewhere in the future?  Or is this a way to gussy up the offerings of others?

Did you understand the news – or were you left feeling a bit vConfused as well?

Are You vConfused?

  • i know im a bit late on this post, but here goes anyway.

    CONFUSED? understatement.  So what are we to expect with this new announcement?  Did we just waste money upgrading to Vsphere5? Did we just buy the wrong hardware to leverage our platforms across multiple providers? Is our new VMWARE agreement going to be able to take advantage of this new offering, even though we dont know what it is, dont know if we need it but want it, dont know if we want it or need it, or simply just dont need or want it?

    I think the most important point to take away from this new announcement is that we made a very sound decision based on very solid grounds, even though our providers heads are in the clouds.

  • I used to use VMware until I had a problem with it and could not get any support whatsoever from the company.  I was willing to pay for ugrades but after numerous calls and emails went unanswered I deleted their software and switched to a competitors.

  • I have met with many senior people at VMware and, after many inquiries on this subject, was unable to find clarity and a definitive statement of direction, channel strategy, etc..  They need to stop acting (arrogantly) like a hot start-up, recognize that they are under severe market/price pressure from the likes of Microsoft, and start recognizing and respecting customer and channel partner interests.

  • Until the time of Hyper-V running on Windows Server 2008R2, VMWare has a slight advantage over Microsoft on the virtualization field. However with Hyper-V on Server 2012 there's now a clear advantage for Microsoft.

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