Notes from my projects

On this blog I will publish some interesting technical deatils from my recent projects

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  • Blog Post: MED-V Host Agent installation error 1935 on Windows 7 x86

    Today I found pretty weird situation when already tested installation package with MED-V components inside was failed during MED-V Host Agent installation. Command line for agent installation was: MED-V_HostAgent_Setup.exe IGNORE_PREREQUISITES=1 /l* %TEMP%\MEDVHost.log And as result I have received...
  • Blog Post: MED-V 2.0 Workspace doesn’t start after FTS

    I have found strange situation when after FTS (first time setup) process I see following picture all the time: and virtual machine didn’t start and was running in kind of loop. First thing which I didn’t like was message “ Recommended updates for Integration Components available...