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June, 2014

  • Belated Farewell to My Yahoo! Home Page

    Today, I’m bidding a belated farewell to my Yahoo! home page (my.yahoo.com), which has been my browser home page for over 16 years. I say belated because I really haven’t visited it much since Yahoo! forced the new my.yahoo.com home page format on me and reduced the key capabilities I’d been using for so long. Though I tried other home pages over the years, I always came back because my.yahoo, you were the best at giving me what I wanted in a home page … but I have to face...
  • FIFA for Beginners (John Oliver)

    My whole family has been looking forward to the World Cup this year, but I can admit that even with my late-found appreciation for soccer, I’ve remained a bit fuzzy on the big international soccer leagues and how the whole World Cup thing works. Hopefully, you will appreciate this video as fully as I did Thanks to John Oliver for making this excellent, funny (but sad) FIFA video to help us Americans better understand the inner workings of FIFA and the impact they are having on Brazil...