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July, 2011

  • Takeown Command - Article Updated

    To better reflect the supportability statement of the takeown command and to address a comment made by a community member we updated the Takeown command article. Check it out the latest version here:
  • Our New Windows Server Security Page is Online

    This week we launched our new Windows Server Security page with some major changes in the format, content and distribution. The main page now have a clear option to navigate through different Windows versions to find Security related content as shown...
  • Security Tools Community Edition is Live at TechNet Wiki

    In the Security space there is room for lots of creativity when the subject is hunting for bugs or security holes. When investigating security related issues many tools can be used, for example to identify unexpected activity you can use SysInternals...
  • WSUS 3 SP2 Documentation Updated

    Yesterday we published an updated version of WSUS 3 SP2 documentation with some changes that were included to reflect customer’s feedback about the product and documentation. The changes were made in the following guides: Windows Server Update Services...