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April, 2010

  • Nobody Attacks <Macs/Linux/APache>! – Thinking About The Attacks

    Hackers successfully compromised the servers this month and it has given me food for thought. If you are working to improve software security, then you have to take the (risk) viewpoint that at some point, attackers will target one of your users and attack the software as an avenue of access to information they want.  Put another way, we don’t have control over attackers, so the only thing we can try to make better is the security and resiliency of the software itself.  This...
  • sPAM of the Day – Auditor Wants to Share $100M of Abandoned MOney!

    And they just keep on coming.  Yes, I really did get this SPAM today – I am not making these up.  “Chris Solomon” aka “Betty Herbert6” even offered me 40% of the $100M – that makes it seem more realistic, since any greedy auditor would clearly keep 60% of the $100M.  Note that I did change the emails – so none of you will be tempted to respond and take my money ;-) From: Mr Chris Solomon [mailto:beatriceherbert6 @] Sent: Friday, April 02, 2010 9:17 AM Subject: Urgent...