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June, 2009

  • Open Patch Management Survey

    If you are involved in Patch Management, I’d like to ask for your help and participating in Project Quant.  Since launching in April, we’ve made some good progress in developing a high level patch cycle and have had some great participation on the forums in exploring the details of the functional elements. Now we are at a stage where we want to gather information in the context of the Patch Cycle that the community is starting to build consensus around and with that in mind, we’ve launched an...
  • Microsoft Free Anti-Malware (Morro/Microsoft Security Essentials) Released as Beta

    Though I have not been directly involved with Morro (or any other anti-malware products), I am excited to see Morro ( Microsoft Security Essentials , ) reach the next stage of development by releasing as a Beta package. I personally think that Microsoft Security Essentials is a significant step forward in helping make the Internet a safer and more trusted experience for the average user.  That may seem strange, given how long the industry has been...
  • Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Full in One Day

    After launching yesterday , the Beta for Microsoft Security Essentials has filled up – see the screenshot below.  This first Beta was limited to 75,000 participants within some targeted geographies and it is encouraging to see this target achieved in such a short time.