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March, 2009

  • Supplemental Data for Calculating Mozilla Patching Speed

    A couple of days ago, Secunia published their Secunia 2008 Report , and one of their tables garnered quite a bit of attention with respect to Mozilla patching quickly: Brian Krebs , Washington Post, Fanning the Flames of the Browser Security Wars Brian Prince, eWeek, Security Report Ignites Firefox vs. Internet Explorer Feud Ryan Naraine, CNET, Report: Firefox buggier, but issued fixes quicker I wrote a more in-depth review of the calculated Mozilla patching speed in from Mozilla Patches Fastest...
  • 2008 Pwn2Own Winner says Safari is an Easy Target

    Apple Inc.'s Safari is the juiciest target in the upcoming PWN2OWN hacking contest, last year's winner predicted today. "It's an easy target," said Charlie Miller, the vulnerability researcher who last year walked off with a $10,000 cash prize for breaking into an Apple laptop just a few minutes into the contest. PWNOWN is slated for its third appearance at the CanSecWest security conference later this month in Vancouver, British Columbia. "It might be because I'm biased about the...