First, let me express a caveat.  I don't really care for "hack the box" contests.  If a machine doesn't get hacked, it does not mean it isn't breakable.  If it does get hacked, it just shows us what we already know - any machine can be broken under the right circumstances. 

So, don't read too much into the PWN 2 OWN results.  I don't.

Okay, having said that, given how obnoxious and misleading I find those Mac OS X ads and how they've spent millions of dollars publicly criticizing Windows Vista security improvements, I find it ironic and apropos that Mac OS X was the first machine to be owned in the PWN 2 OWN contest at CanSecWest today.

Read about it in LinuxWorld at: Gone in 2 minutes: Mac gets hacked first in contest.

Summary:  Charlie Miller appears to have set up a web site containing malicious code and used a "browse to own" vulnerability to win the contest.