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September, 2007

  • What if We Had Vuln-Free Software?

    I was in a meeting with a large group of security professional today talking about SDL, reducing vulnerabilities, metrics, and so on - my normal topics - and we got into a really interesting discussion about which areas of focus can get the best practical results for operational IT security. How would it affect your IT department's focus if you could have a product with perfect security quality, or in other words, no expectation of exposure due to a vulnerability? Read my recent CSOonline entry The...
  • Heroes, the (Fall TV) Legacy

    I was a big fan of Heroes last year and, to my surprise, it was a big hit even outside of the sci-fi, superhero, geek space. The combination of the good stories, the new revelations each week and the soap-opera-like connections between the different characters appeared to a bit wider audience than might've been expected. As Season 2 kicks off tonight, I'm jazzed to watch, but even more jazzed about the Fall TV legacy of Heroes! What do I mean by that? Well, when a show is popular and starts getting...