Since I shared my original complaint about lost luggage in The Saga of My Luggage & British Air, I thought I should finish the story.

Tuesday - no bag.  So, Tuesday I woke up in my hotel in Berlin, got ready for the day and packed up to check out, since we were traveling to Hamburg after our meetings.  I connected to the Internet and checked my lost luggage tracking number via the "Damaged, delayed and lost baggage" link on  No information, it had not been found.  That's okay, I had given them my Hamburg hotel address and my checkout date, so no problem.

Wednesday - no bag. We finished our meetings and took a nice train ride over to Hamburg and checked in.  I connected to the Internet to check on my bag - no luck, still hadn't been found.  Slept over, woke up the next morning and prepared everything for checkout.  One last check on, but still no joy.  So, at this point I sent them an email with further information:

Re: Lost bag (tracking# xxxxxxxxxxx)

Dear sirs,

I am checking out of the last hotel for which I provided information on this trip and my bag has not yet been found.  I doubt it can catch up with me on my next leg, but I will be in Hannover, Germany on Friday through Monday, so if the bag is located, can you please have it delivered to my hotel there:

Crowne Plaza Schweizerhof
attn: Jeff Jones
Hinueberstr. 6
Hannover, Germany 30175

Best regards,

Jeff Jones

My Arrival to Hannover

A couple of days later, I flew from Munich to Hannover and had to check my one remaining bag because of the size.  I was flying Lufthansa, so I really had not worries about this.  Upon arrival, I went in and down the stairs past the Passport control (which was not in use for this national flight) to wait for my bag to come in on the belt.

I had been standing there about 5 minutes (the belt hadn't even started yet), looking around at nothing and everything when - something caught my eye!  Over against the wall was about 30-40 uncollected bags, and just at the edge of the group, there was a bag that looked a lot like my lost bag. 

This was not unusual in fact, since it was a black carry-on roller bag - most bags coming off of luggage belts look like my bag to some degree.

Anyway, I decided to take a closer look, walking over.  I spot a BA tag on top.  (I'm getting a little excited, but trying not to be too hopeful)  I notice it is half hardshell / half soft, like my bag.  (It really looks like my bag.)  I take a close look - IT IS MY BAG!  Not delivered to the hotel, just sitting there, as if waiting for me.

I take the bag, walk over and show an attendant my baggage claim stub, wait about 5 minutes for my other bag to arrive, and I'm off to the hotel.  What are the chances of that?!?!