Not building 27, nor the security team, that is.

A couple of days ago, I'm on the phone with a colleague from another group, who says "hey, I heard, Stepto (aka Stephen Toulouse) is leaving the STU to join the Windows Vista team."  I said, "err... I don't think so."  So he sent me a link to this story: MS Security Manager Joins Vista Team.  They even point to his blog where he supposedly says this. 

So, I went and looked and he actually says he's taking a
"new opportunity" that is "a broader role within the STU".  So, no, he's not leaving our team here in the Security Technology Unit, but yes, he does get to give up his pager as the key spokesperson for the MSRC and he will be heavily involved in Windows Vista security from here on out.

Having carried one of those MSRC pagers during my first 2 years here at Microsoft, I can certainly empathize - it's a critical job, but you eventually need to move on to something else - and as Stepto says, Windows Vista is "the perfect melding of my interests, operating systems and security."