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April, 2006

  • Book: Security Development Lifecycle

    For those of you that haven't seen it yet, Mike Howard and Steve Lipner have published a new book, The Security Development Lifecycle . Read about it on Mike's blog . Should help more folks "Think Security" ~ Jeff
  • Microsoft and Security

    As my first content-ful blog topic, I want to digress a little and talk about security and Microsoft and my own opinions on how both relate. After all, I work at Microsoft as a Director in the Security group and my blog is a Microsoft technet blog. I imagine that it might be helpful in future discussions if I articulate certain opinions and assumptions that help form the context for my personal viewpoint. I may update this post as needed, so I can easily reference it later ;-) When I joined Microsoft...
  • Obligatory Introduction and Welcome

    After waffling and talking about it for a long time, I've finally started my security blog. As with any new adventure, I should pause for a few solemn moments and reflect upon how I reached this point of our story. I'm a Hoosier born and bred, from the southern part of the state, though I haven't lived there in 20 years. I’m a Purdue and later USC grad in computer engineering. I’ve been working in computer security for 19 years and have been lucky to work with lots of interesting people and have...