SCM v2 (CTP) Available to Download

SCM v2 (CTP) Available to Download

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UPDATE: The SCM v2 CTP has been removed from MS Connect, please download the SCM v2 Beta. Thanks for the patience! -jeff [Jun 27th, 2011]


Hello everyone! You’ve all been very patient with the SCM team and I wanted to thank you for that. I’ve received (literally) hundreds of emails in the last month or so asking me when GPO IMPORT / SCM v2 CTP was going to be available – and I’m proud to tell you it is here!



SCM is now able to parse a GPO Backup and import that knowledge into the tool.

          SCM is also able to “associate” an imported GPO against a product. This is an advanced feature in case you plan to do a lot of maintenance around the content you’ve imported.

          Any content inside of the POL, INF and CSV files SCM doesn’t understand *should* be preserved, but not edit-able within SCM. When you export the content back out to a GPO Backup - it should still be present. **See known issues at the bottom of this email

          NEW FEATURE: Existing instance of SQL during install  

          We no longer force SQL Express upon you. :) You can point SCM during setup at an existing local instance of SQL (2005+).


          This is a CTP release. We are not yet feature complete for the version 2.0 release. We plan to be feature complete by the April/May Beta release. The chief ask of you is that you pound on these two new features. We need you to bring out all of the GPO Backups you might have, attempt to import them into the tool, and then tell us what happens!


          Please send all feedback in email: Be sure to include a zipped up copy of your GPO Backup (if applicable).


          These steps must be followed in the sequence listed below OR THE DOWNLOAD WON’T WORK.

          1.) Join the connect program: Register

          2.) You’ll have to sign-in with your live id and register with MS Connect if you’ve never done that

          3.) You should then have access to the download itself: Download

          If you see this message, you didn’t follow the above steps in sequence. J It is also possible you’re hitting a MS Connect issue. Please email us if that is the case.

          KNOWN ISSUES

          1.) If the GPO Import has “other” files in it, like custom extensions or GP Preferences – SCM doesn’t carry these files forward. Please feel free to let us know what in your GPO Backup doesn’t make it across.

          2.) Local GPO Tool forces you to uninstall the old version to upgrade to the new version which comes with SCM v2.

          3.) The UI in SCM v2 is nearly identical to the UI in SCM v1 – except that it is a lot quicker most of the time. You might notice that we sometimes show “Settings Loading…” in a strange way. This is work in progress. We are doing a lot of UI improvements in the Beta.

          4.) When you import a GPO sometimes the success or failure message is trapped BEHIND the SCM window. You have to look in your taskbar to find it. This is frustrating – we are sorry – and we are fixing it.

          - The SCM Team

          • Great blog post on SCM v2. Thanks Alan! :)


          • Can't wait to give it a swirl!!

          • I really appreciate the V2 release. I am using this to configure a baseline for an isolated Windows 7 box that has no internet access. I have created my own GPO for my configuration and imported it into SCM. The problem I have now is that I have no products installed in SCM to associate with this GPO.

            My end goal is to export the SCAP fo use in another application to validate compliance. Again, This system does not and will not ever have an internet connection. Is there a way to install products in SCM without a net connection?


          • Hey Garrett. Thanks for the time on v2! :) You need to go to a machine with internet access, download the product baselines you desire, then sneakerNet them over to the SCM machine, import, disco.


            Rock on. -Jeff

          • Thanks!

            I appreciate it.

          • Great Product.

            One question, Is there a way to show the rest of the options for the template when starting with the Baseline? We would like to use the baseline to start, but then add the specific settings for our environment prior to publishing and importing into AD.

            At this time with Version 2.0, we can tweak the baseline settings, but have to import settings into a New Policy in AD prior to adding site specific settings.

            Any direction or further documentation would greatly be appreciated.

          • Simply copy a baseline then you can edit the copy to your hearts desire.

          • Hey,

            i still got the installation problem that should be solved in v2.

            I had SCM 1.x installed and when i tried to update it to 1.3 it crashed and i was never able to install it again. Neither the old version nor this one. The installer just fails with the typical "Stopped working" dialog.

            I removed MAP, ACT and SQL Express 2008. I cleaned the registry from all SCM leftovers. I'm using Win7 x64 german. I really got no idea what else i could do. I got SQL Express 2008 R2 installed aswell, may reomve that one aswell and try again, but that's it then.

            I'd love any input to help me get in running again :)

            kind regards


          • Logs logs ... we need logs! :)

            %temp%\SCM Installer Logs <date>

            Please email secwish [at] microsoft [dot] com

            Here's a trick though, if you want to cheat. Install SQL manually and create an instance named MICROSOFTSCM (one word). If that SQL instance is present and running (and A-OK), SCM should just install.

          • Jeff, Do we have a security baseline availble for Internet Explorer 9.0 and windows 7 SP1 as both are RTM now and customer wanna start using them in production.

          • Not yet - but they are in progress right now. We'll be releasing some beta content included with the SCM v2 beta. As soon as I can share a date I will do so. Promise! -jeff

          • Hi,

            The import GPO function seems to be having some issues with some of the GPO objects I'm trying to import, on some I get a value cannot be null exception I've sent an email over with the GPO attached.

            Have to say though SCM is a brilliant tool.

          • Wow Jason! Thanks for saying that. We are quite proud of SCM and it has a very bright future. Can't wait to get SCM v2 out there and start working on everything we want to do in v2.5 and v3.0! :)

            Thanks for sending the email with your GPO. We are on it!


          • Is this version still available for download?  I'm unable to access after registering in Connect.

          • I sent an email also, but I am having issues importing GPOs into the SCM tool.  I am hoping that they can be fixed.  They are USGCB baseline GPOs.

            The ones I could import the tools is going to be a great asset to planning and implementing GPOs!!

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