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  • Blog Post: How to throttle a BCS crawl

    Throttling a BCS crawl is done the same way as other SharePoint crawls, using crawler impact rules . The main trick is figure out what site name to use. The most precise way is to use a combination of the LobSystem name and the LobSystemInstance name. In my case it was "recipeslob_recipesinst" : ...
  • Blog Post: Super Simple BCS WCF Service Implementation

    This post will describe how to create a very simple BCS WCF implementation that can serve as a good starting point for creating a BCS implementation that is tuned for use as a search content source with SharePoint 2013. Download the SimpleService solution and unzip it. Open Visual Studio 2012 as Administrator...
  • Blog Post: Step by Step: Search Development in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

    I recently presented at TechEd in New Orleans and the presentation is up on Channel 9... Step by Step: Search Development in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Blog Post: BCS and FAST: Introduction and first steps

    Introduction SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is, generally speaking, a way to both bring line-of-business data into SharePoint and allows changes to flow back from SharePoint to the line-of-business applications. For a good overview, check out the MSDN Magazine article Using Business...