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January, 2013

  • FS4SP Branding Project

    In this post I’ll describe a technique for branding a FAST Search for SharePoint Search Center.  There are three places where branding changes are often made:

    1. The master page.  The FAST Search Center is based on minimal.master and in this example I’ll just take a copy of that page and make a minor tweak to prove that it is my version that is being used.   Alternatively you can convert a v4 master page.
    2. The Search Main publishing layout page.  This defines the layout of the main search page with just the search box.
    3. The Search Results publishing layout page.  This defines the layout of the search results page.

    We’ll build this all using Visual Studio 2010 into a site collection feature that can be applied to any search center.  When the feature is activated, the search center will be applied and the publishing pages made active.  On deactivation, we’ll roll back our changes so the solution can be properly retracted.   Lastly for good measure, we’ll add in some logging to the ULS.

    This won’t show any actual snazzy branding (I’m no UI designer).  I’ll just be adding a custom css file and enough changes to the templates to prove that the customized versions are being used.