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  • Blog Post: One-upping the iPhone

    Although pricing hasn't yet been disclosed, Microsoft has announced a new phone that will go toe-to-toe with the iPhone. On an unrelated note, I wonder how much we have allocated to the "funny video" budget... ;) Video: Microsoft's oPhone
  • Blog Post: I Wish Telemarketers Would Call More Often!

    Seriously. When I saw the phone number 123-4567 on the Caller ID this evening, I knew that I was going to be in for some fun. Me: "Hello?" <silence> Me: "Hello-o, is anybody there?" <click><pop><throat clear> Telemarketer: "Good Evening Sir, you are on the short list to receive...
  • Blog Post: Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?

    I laughed. I cried. I had flashbacks to repressed memories... Check it out ;)
  • Blog Post: Suspicious Male... (now where's my shotgun?)

    The Hotmail team has released some pretty funny videos to celebrate their official release. As a dad, I identify strongly with the Suspicious Male ;) You can catch the rest of the series up on MSN Soapbox thanks to Robert . Video: Live Hotmail - Date
  • Blog Post: Karl Rove and Clippy

    Courtesy of Gizmodo , this is pretty funny...
  • Blog Post: When Microsoft Presentations go wrong

    If you've ever attended or given a presentation, you'll get a kick out of this video. My laughing is causing my cube neighbors to give me dirty looks right now ;) Thanks Loke !
  • Blog Post: Im in ur noun, verb-ing ur related noun

    When people with too much time on their hands dissect a fake language... These images usually consist of a photo of a cat with a large caption characteristically formatted in an uppercase sans serif font such as Impact or Arial Black . [8] The image is, on occasion...
  • Blog Post: Cruel Irony

    I just picked up the following book from the Microsoft internal library: You Don't Have to Go Home from Work Exhausted! by Anne Mcgee-Cooper If only I had time to read the book. I'm so tired... ;)
  • Blog Post: Bubble 2.0

    Hilarious! (the title frame below does not do the video justice)
  • Blog Post: Safari's WebKit being replaced by Internet Explorer 7 Engine

    I was hoping the official announcement would come out of Apple before I posted my last blog entry ( Running Mac OS X on Virtual PC 2007 ), but now that the announcement is final, I thought I would share! WebKit (the engine that powers Apple's Safari web...
  • Blog Post: I know what I'm doing with my next $10,000...

    I'm saving up for an iTable. I mean Microsoft Surface...