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  • Blog Post: Expression web design applications now available on MSDN

    I see on Microsoft Watch that due to feedback from developers, we have now made the Microsoft Expression line of web design products available for download on MSDN. The versions that are available depend on how you subscribe to MSDN, as shown in the table below.
  • Blog Post: Learn Design with Expression Studio

    In my last post , I linked to some great training available on learning web development with Visual Studio 2010.  Complementing that content is some excellent (and free) training on Microsoft Expression Studio with sessions for visual designers and Flash/Flex/Business developers:
  • Blog Post: If you can't make it to Mix07

    Watch from home ... We’re in the final moments leading up to MIX07. The halls around my office are emptying out as people head to Vegas to prepare, or catch up on sleep in advance of 72 hours of activity. Starting on Monday morning, we’re going to be updating this page continually – people at home will...