Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer

Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer

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Just a quick solution in case you ever get the following message when trying to open a SharePoint Document Library in explorer view from Windows Server 2008

Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer.


This is due to the fact that Explorer view uses the WebDav protocol to connect to SharePoint from the client.  As Windows Server is not designed to be a client, the WebDav client is not installed or enabled by default.  

In order to enable the WebDav client (along with other client features such as Windows Media Player and Desktop Themes) on a server (you’re not doing this on a production server, right?), simply enable the Desktop Experience feature.

(thanks to Troy on the SharePoint team for this tip!)

Update: This can also happen if you are using Internet Explorer 6 and the URL to the Document Library is longer than 100 characters (covered in KB 923906), but you're not using IE 6 are you? It's time to upgrade!

  • May be this is the right solution for some folks but I have seen in many farms , web dev always create issues most common issue is , sharepoint will not talk to office client . So every time you will try to save some doc you will not be able to see your doc library in save in dialouge box . So activation esktop exp is required but not installing web dev . This isue was solved after changing sec settings in IE8 in my server farm  .no web dev .

  • I've been trying to solve this problem for many hours, over several days.  I get the "Your client does not support..." message, or nothing at all when I try to open a document library in Explorer View on SharePoint Foundation 2010.  On Server 2008 R2, I get the "your client..." message.  On Windows 7 with ie8 32-bit, I get nothing.  With ie8 64-bit, I get the "your client" message.  I downloaded ie9 beta - I get the message with that too.

    The Desktop Experience is installed.  WebClient is automatic and running.  

  • Not the first time this post has come up on my searches for this problem, targeting Win7 clients and SharePoint 2007, where it is happening to me.  (Although the server itself is Win2008, just not what I'm searching on.)

    Has anyone out there got an answer to this?

    I don't count constantly restarting the Web Client service as a solution, it doesn't even work well enough to be considered a workaround.

  • I also have this issue.  

    Sharepoint foundation 2010 with desktop experiance enabled

    Windows 7 client with Web Client service running, automatic

    Same error

    Webdev does not make any differance.

  • I have same issue w/ 64bit Windows 7 client on Sharepoint 3.0 site (2003 server) - 32bit Win 7 clients work fine.  All non-2010 specific changes have been tried and failed to correct.

  • Guys/Gals...

    Remember this can also happen if you are using Firefox...(scream!)

    Have a great day!


  • This worked fine first off.

    So I copied a few files from a V3 farm doc lib to a Foundation farm doc lib - great.

    5 minutes later tried to copy a few more files but apparently my client has decided it "does not support opening this list with WIndows Explorer". But 5 minutes ago it worked fine.

  • I'm seeing this problem with only some site collections after migrating to sp2010 from moss - some site collections can open Explorer view w/ no problems, at least one site collection gets the error described.  From the same computer (Win7 64 bit), same browser (IE 8 32 bit).  puzzled, and still looking for resolution.

  • On Windows 7, simple start the WebClient Service to get this working!

  • When on windows 7 the webclient service seems to be running, restart it.  

  • This is driving me crazy for the last 10 days.... Its working when i Upgrade to IE9 and then stopped working after some time then if i uninstall 9 its again working.... sometimes restarting webclient works... if office failed to be activited and if i activate it then it works as well.... I have faced enough troubles from the users and they started thinking what the hell this sharepoint 2010 is all about

  • IE9 and no amount of restarting webclient can help me connect. Seriously Microsoft can we get some troubleshooting guidance here?

  • Experiencing the same issue here, Windows 7 client, no error with windows XP clients.

  • Same as all above - on IE9 and restarting WebClient does nothing. Some document libraries can open with explorer but others cannot - inconsistent behaviour!

  • Same exact thing is happening to me... it is crazy.  I started a discussion ...

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