Hyperlinks in Entourage

Hyperlinks in Entourage

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entourage I've been playing around with Entourage on my Mac for the last couple of days (in order to access my Email from Exchange while I am out of the office).

It turns out that there is a curious feature missing from Entourage... You can't highlight a word and then insert a hyperlink. (Don't ask me why, I have no idea ;)

There are two workarounds that I got from a tester in the MacBU:

Just type out your hyperlink (e.g. www.apple.com). When you send it, Entourage turns it into a hyperlink.

If you want to link some text to a website (e.g. here) it’s a bit more difficult. There is no “native” Entourage solution to do that. You can still do it however. You need to boot Word, create your email there, then go File | Send To | mail recipient (as HTML). This will create a email using the word doc, and this email can be as complex as you like (tables, multi-level bulleted lists, linked text, etc).

  • I cannot believe I continue to put up with this thing. I mean, I like the integrated project management, but what a pain in the...

  • Okay so when we put in a url, it turns in to a hyperlink by repeating that web address in the full URL code, see an example below:

    "oxe@redxxngle.co.uk <mailto:oxe@redxxngle.co.uk>"

    and... "www.redxxngle.co.uk <http://www.redxxngle.co.uk>"

    Why is this the case? It makes signatures look really messy. Does anyone know how to change it?


  • when sending via  file/send to/mail recipient (as html)   my signature does not appear in the message...is there a way to get the signature into the email?

  • just include 'http://' before a link

  • It looks like doing option 2 means you compose every email in MS Word including your hyperlinked signature and then send it to email at html. Once there you cannot edit or make changes. So while this is an option, it's really a more complex solution.

  • Thank you! This really helped!

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