Sun has several things going for them:

I haven't played with their servers or their processors, so I can't opine on that front, but I can add to my list of *nixes running Virtual PC.  Yes, that star in the last sentence was intentional.  Solaris is a YOOONIX (Unix) variant, and not Linux.  Let's see how it fares in Virtual PC 2007!


The install DVDs can be downloaded here: Download.  First off, registration is required.  Oh well...  Once on the download page, the first sentence is as follows:

After downloading and unzipping segments, follow these instructions: Reconstruct the full DVD image, by using the cat command (UNIX systems) or the COPY command (Windows systems). The correct syntax is: -cat file1 file2 file3 > file.iso or -copy /b file1 + file2 + file3 file.iso

That would match up with the download options that follow.  For some reason, they have broken a single DVD ISO into 3 separate parts.  In this age of 5+Mbit Cable modems and Fiber to the Premises, this is completely unnecessary.

I soon find out why the install DVD is broken into 3 segments.  It is so that Java can launch and I can download through their proprietary Java-based download manager. (AKA unnecessary step part deux). 

Goody... the download manager also comes with advertisements.  I'm getting that warm "community" feel already, and I don't even have an ISO sitting on my desktop yet. ;)

Speaking of which... how about that amazing download speed?  Looks like I won't be able to finish this review tonight!  I'll post my progress so far and pick up when the download completed (it's looking like Saturday folks ;)