I wonder if I could fit more words into the title if I put a little effort into it ;)

On the MOM Product Team Blog, they have announced the release of the Performance and Sizing Guide for OpsMgr 2007, covering:

  • Capacity Planning and Best Practices - covers RMS, OpsDB, Data Warehouse, Management Server, Gateway Server, Audit Collection
  • Topology Planning
  • Server Monitoring: Deployment of a Management Group - covers distribution of server roles, hardware configuration for each role by the number of servers to be monitored
  • Client Monitoring: Agentless Exception Monitoring - covers disk/file share sizing per number of servers to be monitored
  • Client Monitoring: Collective Client Monitoring - Really useful feature for aggregating the event and performance data from many machines based on groups of systems for the purposes of reporting and analysis. The MPs that are enabled for Collective Client Monitoring are the Information Worker, Windows Client, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Network Access Protocol (NAP) management packs. This section covers the sizing per server role by number of devices monitored
  • Recommendations for Scale Limits - There has been a very high level of demand for this table, here it is.  (NOTE OpsMgr 2007 is significantly more scalable than its predecessors!)
  • Client Monitoring: Business Critical Client Monitoring of Clients per Management Group - covers user perspective monitoring of business critical clients, eg. POS terminals, kiosks.

Link to the full download of the White Paper is here.