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The Microsoft® Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) is best-practice guidance for desktop deployment. BDD is targeted at companies that want to reduce deployment time, effort, and cost by increasing the level of automation. It allows administrators to deploy desktops with Zero Touch and Lite Touch interaction at the target PCs. This accelerator also helps organizations move to a managed environment with standardized desktop images.

BDD 2007 was released in January 2007. It includes all guidance, scripts, and tools. Included in this were several object code-only components; source was not originally provided. Because customers and partners may need to make modifications, enhancements, or bug fixes to these components, the source code is now being provided.

The source code is being provided as is, with no support, and it can be used as specified in the included license terms. The source code is current as of the release date of BDD 2007, but since BDD development is continuing, it is likely that future changes will require at best reintegration of any changes made, or at worst complete reengineering of the customizations made due to design changes implemented in the next version of BDD.

The release is not designed to be used as a stand-alone component as it contains only the files not included in the original BDD 2007 release. After making customizations, the customized executable files can overlay the files installed by the BDD 2007 installer.
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