You say potato, I say potaaaahto

You say potato, I say potaaaahto

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At Microsoft, we have some product names that do not always roll off the tongue ;)  The problem is compounded when we start adding service packs to revisions to product families.  Right now, for example, I am testing Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Beta 2.  Try saying that three times fast!

To that end, our product names are often shortened into acronyms.  Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 becomes MOSS 2007.  System Center Essentials 2007 becomes SCE 2007.  Microsoft Operations Manager becomes MOM.

I just found out from the System Center Marketing folks, however, that System Center Operations Manager 2007 is NOT abbreviated SCOM.  It is "OpsMgr 2007".   Don't worry... I made the mistake (repeatedly calling it SCOM 2007 here), and Ian Blyth (a great System Center blogger) does so as well (using Ops Manager, SCOM, and System Center Operations Manager in the same post):

As noted in this post:

Microsoft just released System Center Operations Manager 2007, the successor of MOM 2005. When I first read the new name, SCOM 2007, I was somewhat surprised. I don’t know anything about marketing, but isn’t it a bit too close to “scam”? But when I accessed the download page today, I saw that Microsoft seems to prefer the abbreviation “OpsMgr 2007“. At least, this is what they use as the HTML title of the page (see title bar of your browser). Anyway, I think most will use SCOM 2007. So, what are its new features?

The post is right... the Operations Manager page at Microsoft does abbreviate the product name as "opsmgr" in the URL:

So... call it System Center Operations Manager 2007, call it OpsMgr 2007.  Call it "the end-to-end service management solution that is the best choice for Windows because it works seamlessly with Microsoft software and applications helping you increase efficiency while enabling greater control of your IT environment".

Just don't call it SCOM.

  • Hi,

    I did have a post earleir about naming - And suspect that MOM will be used for a while.

    I don't like SCOM but find it easy to use rather than Ops Mngr or Ops Mgr or Opsmgr or any variation of that!

    Besides, just because Microsoft marketing says something does not make it so. They are not gods!


  • Aaah, you're right... I missed your post from last August.  In my own last post on OpsMgr, I repeatedly called it SCOM (it's a lot easier to type).  All other System Center products ARE abbreviated as you would expect.  It looks like OpsMgr was simply unlucky enough to have an abbreviation that sounds very similar to "scum" (which probably doesn't fly too well in focus groups ;) Good times!

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