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January, 2011

  • VMMTrace: Simplified SCVMM Tracing

    When SCVMM is not ‘cooperating’ and no amount of digging through event logs, support articles, and forums is helping… it’s time for a trace.  Here's how to do just that:
  • FYI: Integration of TechNet Blog User Account with TechNet Forums Profile

    For those of you who sign-in to comment on the TechNet Blogs, there is a change coming on January 27 th 1:00 pm (PST) regarding user accounts and profiles. Please click here to read about this change. If you have questions please leave a comment on the...
  • The new "Dynamic Memory" feature of Hyper-V explained

    Hyper-V Question of the Day: Q: Can you tell me more about Dynamic Memory, such as: What is Dynamic Memory? What problems does it solve? Is Dynamic Memory good for Servers and VDI? How does it compare to VMware’s Overcommit? How does Dynamic Memory work...