A quick Q&A on SCVMM and domain controllers

A quick Q&A on SCVMM and domain controllers

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Question We often hear questions either on the internal alias or from customers about SCVMM and Domain Controllers so here are a few of the common scenarios and questions and the real world answers:

Scenario #1
VMM server is in Domain_A and there is a member server that is in a workgroup that you want to add as a managed host.  Will this work? 

Answer: Yes.  Add the member server through the Add Host wizard using the option for 'perimeter network' and SCVMM can manage this host.

Scenario #2
So now we have this member server that is part of a workgroup being managed by VMM, but now we want to join it to Domain_B.  Will this work? 

Answer: Yes.  Joining this server to Domain_B will not impact VMM being able to manage this host.

Scenario #3
Now this server is a member of Domain_B and working just fine, but we would like to promote this member server to a Domain Controller, can VMM still manage this server as a managed host? 

Answer: Yes. You can promote the member server in Domain_B to a DC and VMM will still be able to manage this host.

Scenario #4
Will VMM work if I upgrade the server where SCVMM is running to a Domain Controller? 

Answer: No.  Before starting the upgrade you'll need to first uninstall VMM.  Once the upgrade is complete you can then reinstall VMM Server. *


VMM and Domain Controllers - RULES AND GUIDELINES

1.  A server that is a member of a workgroup can be added as a managed host.

2.  That server can then be joined to any domain and VMM will still function normally.

3.  That server can even be promoted to a domain controller and VMM will still function normally (exception is RODC).

4.  You cannot promote the VMM server to a domain controller without first uninstalling VMM and then reinstalling after the promotion.


* It is NOT RECOMMENDED to install VMM on a domain controller.  Computers functioning as domain controllers should be reserved for domain administrative functions.

Mike Briggs | Senior Support Escalation Engineer

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  • Hi,

    MS VMM 2008 can perform an offline P2V conversion on a domain controller and recommended too.


    However, in a scenerio where we are converting some physical DCs to Virtual platform, will P2V be recommended or instead building a new and clean VM DC via dcpromo is recommended.



  • Hi,

    I agree that It is NOT RECOMMENDED to install VMM on a domain controller, but i am still wondering is it ok? and can they both working properly if it will not been a primary DC? and finally what is the Errors that may occur?  

    Thanks in advance


  • Khalid: My understanding is that it should probably work OK but it's not a scenario that we've specifically tested because as a best practice we always recommend that DCs be DCs only. With that said, if you wanted to run both on the same hardware then what I'd probably recommend is to run VMM in a VM on the DC.