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  • Blog Post: Don't Get Scroogled by Google's App Store

    Bing and Windows Phone Launch National Education Campaign Warning Consumers: Don’t Get Scroogled by Google’s App Store In February, we called attention to Google’s practice of reading through Gmail messages to sell ads. We said that as long as Google keeps Scroogling its customers,...
  • Blog Post: Consumer Warning: Google's App Store Shares Personal Information

    Last week we launched a campaign to make consumers aware that Google shares users' personal information with app developers each time they purchase an app from Google’s app store, Google Play. Today we are releasing a tip sheet to help explain the privacy risks to consumers and suggest some tips...
  • Blog Post: Scroogled by the Numbers

    How do people react when they learn Google is scanning their emails in order to target them with ads? They’re not happy – our infographic tells the story.
  • Blog Post: Infographic Illustrates How Consumers are Scroogled by Google

    Last week we released a tip sheet to help inform consumers about the deceptive privacy practices of the Google app store, Google Play. This week we are sharing an infographic to help illustrate just how consumers are Scroogled by Google by having their personal information given to the maker of every...
  • Blog Post: Welcome

    Welcome to the Don't Get Scroogled campaign update blog! The campaign launched on February 7th, and by signing up for the RSS feed, you'll get updates in the coming weeks. For more information, please take a look at the press release and the site.
  • Blog Post: Momentum Building in the Scroogled Campaign

    Scroogled Momentum Building A million visit and Petition far exceeds goal of 25,000 and counting Google Continues Policy Opposed by Nearly 9 out 10 Email users It’s been a little over a week since launched a campaign to educate consumers that Google goes through their...
  • Blog Post: Google says you have “No legitimate expectation of privacy” in email. Are you surprised?

    Over the last few months you’ve heard a lot about how Google is violating its users’ trust and privacy. From reading every single word of every single email sent to or from your Gmail account , to replacing real shopping search results with paid ads , to sharing your personal information...
  • Blog Post: Google Exec: We more or less know what you're thinking about.

    "We don't need you to type at all. We know where you are, with your permission; we know where you've been, with your permission; we can more or less know what you're thinking about." -Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman