Momentum Building in the Scroogled Campaign

Momentum Building in the Scroogled Campaign

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Scroogled Momentum Building
A million visit and Petition far exceeds goal of 25,000 and counting
Google Continues Policy Opposed by Nearly 9 out 10 Email users

 It’s been a little over a week since launched a campaign to educate consumers that Google goes through their personal emails to target them with ads.
Let’s look at the numbers.
Over 1,000,000 visits to and more than 50,000 people from all over the world have come forward and said “enough” – they are asking Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to stop going through the contents of their emails to sell ads.  And the momentum is growing. The goal has been moved up to 90,000 consumers on the petition.
Videos detailing the Gmail mail-for-sale scanning practice have been viewed more than 200,000 times on the web. The petition website, in particular, is serving as a place for consumers who have been Scroogled by Gmail to make their voices heard.
In addition, hundreds of thousands daily are now signing up for, as the Scroogled campaign continues to educate them and the launch campaign motivates them.
The response from consumers on privacy has been powerful: “Stop prying into my personal life and stop scanning my email,” one user commented on the Care2 Petition Site. Another noted: “I thought Google was a company with integrity, sadly I am mistaken.” And still another: “Email should be as private as content sent through USPS.”  The petition is now hundreds of pages in length and growing.
What is surprising, however, is the lack of response from Google on why they won’t change their privacy policy and stop going through consumers’ emails.  Rather than address a policy that clearly is out of step with how the vast majority of Americans want their email service to protect their communications, Google instead continues to assert their email scanning isn’t being done by a human being – rather it’s an “automated algorithm.”
Google’s email privacy practices are a significant issue and have been raised as a significant point of differentiation. The petition shows that people are taking this issue quite seriously. Sensitive personal emails, whether about relationships or your finances, are reviewed by Google to target ads. Consumer engagement with the campaign and the research show that this practice strikes a responsive chord. According to a public GfK Roper study, 70% of Americans are unaware that any major email service scans the content of emails to sell ads. And when consumers find out, they oppose the practice, as nearly 90% of Americans disapprove of any email provider scanning emails to target ads. (GfK Roper Poll, 2/13, commissioned by Microsoft Corp.).  See how individual Americans react when they learn of Gmail’s privacy practices in this video released today.
The Scroogled campaign will continue to help educate Americans on Google’s privacy practices.  We encourage consumers to try - an email service that prioritizes your privacy and doesn’t go through your emails to target ads.
In the words of one disappointed consumer on the petition: “Email should not be indexed for profit. This process should stop.”
We couldn’t agree more.

  • Dear Google - I am sure you would not be happy with me reading your official mails (even if it is my computer reading your mails). So, please respect my privacy as well.

    Thank you

    Avid GMail and Google customer

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