Earlier today, we released the Microsoft Exchange Server Troubleshooting Assistant (ExTRA) 1.0 to the Web. This new tool is a union of Exchange Server Performance Troubleshooting Analyzer (ExPTA), the Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Analyzer (ExDRA), and a new tool called the Exchange Server Mail Flow Analyzer (ExMFA). Now Exchange admins have a single tool for troubleshooting performance, database and mail flow issues.

ExTRA includes the following troubleshooting functionality.

  • Performance Troubleshooter: Includes the post 1.1 ExPTA functionality. New features include the new FCL analysis capability to troubleshoot problems with back-ups in RPC requests.
  • Database Recovery Management: Also includes the post 1.1 ExDRA functionality. New features include the wizards to reset transaction log generation and repair databases.
  • Mail Flow Troubleshooter: First release. Designed to help an Exchange admin to tackle major mail flow problems such as non-delivery reports, queue back-ups and slow deliveries and identify the root causes.

For more information, and to obtain ExTRA, visit the following pages: