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About Me

I am a Senior Program Manager on the Office 365 Customer Experience (CXP) team at Microsoft. Previously, I authored Exchange Server product documentation on TechNet related to High Availability, Site Resilience, Disaster Recovery, Managed Availability, and other areas.  I've also presented content at many events.  Areas of expertise include high availability, disaster recovery, site resilience, virtualization, storage, security, and more.  Prior to joining Microsoft, I wrote Exchange Server 2003 Distilled, and was the lead author for Exchange 2000 Server: The Complete Reference.  I was also a long-time Microsoft MVP in Windows Server, Exchange Server and Rights Management Services.

Aside from my IT Pro side, I'm also into Windows Phone, Media Center and Media Center Extenders, Xbox 360, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Media Encoder, Windows Media Player, Windows 8, Office 2013, Windows Live and its many services, and most especially, Halo 4.

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